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Comments of Ken Murray

Ken Murray
Orlando Florida

I am a syndicated author on the topic of law enforcement writing from Orlando, Florida. After watching the ABC Prime Time segment on Christine Maggiore, I want to offer comments from the perspective of someone who has come to know the Maggiore-Scovill family.

The initial setup of Prime Time obviously biased viewers with the statement they will be outraged at Christine. With a set-up suggesting Christine should be seen as the villain, the uninformed viewer immediately biases their understanding of the issue toward what the correspondent says and what the coroner has stated as ‘fact’. Hopefully, those reading this thread will also read the independent review of the coroner’s autopsy and those of other pathologists who have found contrary to Los Angeles County Coroner James K Ribe. Hopefully, they will further learn that Ribe is at the center of many such controversies, often issuing findings of convenience in order to crucify those unable to defend themselves. I believe Ribe has met his match in Christine’s case, and predict he will be removed from office at the conclusion of this matter. People like Ribe are likely well intentioned, insofar as they believe they are serving the greater good. But when such people are placed in a position of authority and flatly ignore science as a matter of expediency, I believe they cross the line between good intentions and flagrant negligence.

I met Christine approximately two years ago following an announcement from a girl I had been dating that she tested HIV positive. Prior to this, I was what I would describe as a self-proclaimed AIDS Nazi. I was of the firm opinion that HIV was a plague that could easily be resolved through mandatory testing and the tattooing of those who tested positive.

Through such a program, I believed, sensible people could avoid catching ‘the plague’ and those who were identified as dreaded carriers could be forced into responsible behavior. As sympathetic as I was to my girlfriend, I was still of the mind that if there were a program to tattoo people who test positive, I'd be the first to take her there. She assured me she had been unaware of her affliction prior to us becoming intimate.

Because I would now have to be tested myself and there was a possibility that I, too, was ‘infected’, I took the pragmatic approach and decided to learn as much as I possibly could about this silent killer. Given that I had chosen a local bookstore to meet my girlfriend for the talk we had to have, we started looking for books on HIV. There, on the shelves, was a book by Dr. Peter Duesberg entitled “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. It is over two inches thick and easily one of the most comprehensive scientific treatises on this controversial subject. In his book, Duesberg provides concrete data that explains how HIV is seriously misunderstood and overplayed as a cause for what has become known as the AIDS epidemic.

If you are at all curious about the pseudo science that has been used to ‘validate’ the AIDS dogma,and you have not already done so, I suggest you read this book. It surprised me to discover that, I, the AIDS Nazi, could be compelled by the information contained in this book. It frankly angered me to learn that we have all been fed such hooey about AIDS, a condition touted as the scourge of humanity.

Duesberg points out that a simple structured retrovirus such as HIV, if science chose to apply the basic rules of virology, cannot explain AIDS. He shows clearly that it’s impossible for HIV to wreak the havoc on the immune system for which it has been blamed. In fact, much to my shock and horror (and this, until you actually read the science, will take a leap of faith to consider), the dreaded virus cannot be found in anyone who tests positive for HIV. One would think if you test HIV positive, you are infected with the virus and therefore doctors would be able to find the virus. Not so with HIV.

Look it up for yourself. There is no reference in the medical literature showing that anyone who has tested positive has had the virus isolated from their fresh uncultured plasma. If you test HIV positive, try this experiment: Provide a sample of your blood or tissue to a laboratory with a request to have them actually isolate the virus that is alleged to be in your system without resorting to cultures mixed with stimulants and other chemicals. Just find the virus.

HIV is the only virus that makes you sick without being shown to be there. Catch a cold? Give a sample, see the virus. Flu? Same thing. Any other virus, by the simple rules of virology, multiplies and is visible in the host. But not HIV. This certainly got my mind spinning and inspired me to want to know more. Fast forward to countless hours of research later and an eventual landing at the website run by Christine Maggiore at

I picked up the phone and called Alive & Well. Christine answered and we talked for hours. Skeptic intellectual that I am, I spent those hours trying to poke holes in any of the material I had read. By the end of that conversation I was convinced that Christine may well be one of the most important people in our society, the champion of a highly unpopular cause, and that HIV may not be the cause of AIDS. Harder still to consider is the fact that many of the drugs given to those who test HIV positive can cause many of the classic symptoms, and eventually the death of those suffering from ‘AIDS’.

Armed with this information, I implored my girlfriend to ignore her doctor's orders to aggressively treat her alleged condition with anti-AIDS drugs. She, to this day, credits Christine’s book with saving her life. After coming up positive on a series of HIV tests and being ordered to start aggressive treatment with toxic drugs, she decided instead to retest. Her new results came up HIV negative. And she has consistently tested HIV negative ever since.

How could her status go from positive to negative? Christine’s book “What if Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong” includes a list of over 60 different non-HIV conditions that can cause positive results on so-called HIV tests. Beyond this, depending on the lab you visit, in which country you test, the answers you provide to questions on forms and other nebulous factors may ultimately determine whether your result is considered positive or negative. With no universal standards for what constitutes positive results, this is hardly a scientifically sound basis for issuing results with such dire implications and consequences.

After the incident with my ex-girlfriend, I subsequently tested HIV negative but will never take a so-called HIV test again. Based on all the research I have done, I believe the test is dangerous and meaningless. Dangerous, because it has significant consequences for those who test positive, and meaningless because there are no studies indicating that it is able to actually detect the presence of infectious HIV. Don't believe me? Read the test kit literature for yourself.

I have since become friends with Christine and her family. They are remarkable people. Given my professional background in law enforcement, I can say this with a certain perspective as I have seen examples of the worst dysfunctional families in North America. From my personal and professional experience, the Maggiore-Scovill household is one of the most loving and caring family situations I have witnessed. It is obvious that Christine's children mean everything to her and those who in any way attempt to impugn her as a ‘bad mother’ have never met or spent time with this family.

I also knew Eliza Jane and saw her on a number of occasions. I would have seen her more, but I live on the opposite coast so could not visit on a daily basis. EJ was a real pistol, certainly not your run-of-the-mill toddler – absolutely full of life, healthy and happy, strong-willed, and intelligent beyond her years.

I was shocked when I found out EJ had died. To then discover the witch-hunt that was beginning to unfold attempting to paint EJ as an underweight, sickly AIDS patient was absolute lunacy to me as it would be to anyone who knew this child in life. That EJ died is both sad and indisputable. That she died of AIDS, however, is ludicrous and unsubstantiated by any medical facts.

LA County Coroner, James K Ribe, is the subject of countless questionable decisions and has a record that reveals him to be a systemic lackey who is not above changing his findings to suit any conclusion to support whatever political purpose he's told to serve. He should be removed from office; he is a dangerous man. In fact, there were no conclusive results from the original autopsy on EJ until it was discovered that Christine is a leading HIV/AIDS dissident after which the AIDS cause of death was manufactured. It is my belief that Christine has enemies who have moved against her, attempting to use a powerful system to silence her through the vehicle of her dead daughter. There is a special place in hell for folks like that, and there will be a reckoning.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have yet to take the time to do the research on this issue, I whole-heartedly recommend you do so. Christine's cause is one of humanitarianism. Her goal is to provide people who test HIV positive with facts revealing options and possibilities beyond the dogma of despair. I firmly believe she saved the life of my former girlfriend, and she has enlightened me on an issue for which I would otherwise have not only been ignorant, but also extremely negatively biased. I wish her and her family well and it is my heartfelt wish that that true justice prevails in the case of Eliza Jane.

Sadly, it will take the death of an innocent little girl to propel the HIV/AIDS debate into to the mainstream where it will, hopefully, get the attention it deserves in order to dispel the junk science behind the popular hypothesis. For those who are only just coming to learn about the potential discrepancy between the mainstream view and the alternative view, I urge you to read with an open mind. Challenge the views that are being advanced without the scientific scrutiny normally applied to issues of such magnitude and import.

According to the mainstream scientists of the day, the earth was flat and the majority of the population accepted that as fact. When this belief was challenged, there was a maelstrom of accusations denouncing the dissenters. Fortunately for all of us, we now have round globes and a greater understanding of our place in the universe. Your challenge now is to empty your cup and accept the possibility that the dogmatic view of HIV as the bane of our existence is possibly untrue as suggested by some of the very scientists who were instrumental in proffering the initial concept that HIV causes AIDS. Do the research and ask the simple question: “Where is the scientific paper that demonstrates that HIV causes AIDS?” The answer to that question - that there is no such paper - may at first astonish you but hopefully anger you enough to tell just one more person.

Christine Maggiore is a pariah to the mainstream HIV=AIDS community. The death of her daughter presented a perfect opportunity to demonize her. I believe, after watching the ABC Prime Time segment, that ABC, while biased toward the mainstream view, has left itself an out for when Christine is vindicated by science, and the death of her beautiful little girl is unequivocally shown to be the result of a toxic reaction to amoxicillin. Hopefully, at that time, ABC will have the courage to air another segment that sets the record straight.

This is cold comfort for Christine and her family, but in the grander scheme of things, the powder keg of this issue has been ignited by the death of a 3 and 1/2 year old girl. Hopefully, Eliza Jane's brief life and the controversy surrounding her death will bring the necessary light to this issue and cause others to question the flawed science surrounding the HIV/AIDS issue. Perhaps reexamination of these issues will create anger at the intrusiveness with which government agencies inject themselves into the lives of those who test positive. And positive for what? There are over 60 conditions that can result in positive results on tests with no capacity to directly detect the actual virus.

According to Nancy Dubler, the medical ethicist who appeared at the end of the ABC segment, mothers who test HIV positive and decline to subject their children to ‘HIV testing’ should be separated from their children. And children who test positive should be forced to consume dangerous chemicals including AZT, a failed cancer chemotherapy known to obliterate the immune system. Dubler says if parents object to such treatment, they should be separated from their children and should be fed those dangerous toxins as wards of the state.

Wake up America. This is an important issue and you need to become informed.