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Witness Testimony (pdf file)Testimony Requested by LAPD
 A collection of witness statements requested by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) were gathered by the Maggiore-Scovill family in preparation for a hearing with the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) regarding their right to maintain custody of their son Charlie. A DCFS investigation into the family began on September 20, 2005 prompted by the LA County Coroner’s conclusion four days earlier that AIDS had caused the sudden death of Eliza Jane Scovill on May 16, 2005. Since Charlie had tested HIV negative multiple times, the DCFS hearing ended quickly and the letters were never presented as evidence in the case. Seven months later, Los Angeles Police Department detectives pursuing charges of negligent homicide against Christine Maggiore learned of the letters during an interrogation of the Maggiore-Scovill’s former nanny and immediately requested copies. On May 1, 2006, attorneys representing the Maggiore-Scovill family provided LAPD with the letters as they appear here, with the names and contact information redacted. The personal information was removed to prevent further interrogations of friends, neighbors, business associates, babysitters, school parents and teachers which many had described as traumatizing. LAPD investigators did not question the decision to redact the personal data from the letters. They finally ended their investigation four months later on September 15, 2006 with no charges filed against Christine Maggiore.