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Eliza Jane Scovill died suddenly on May 16th 2005 at the age of only 3-1/2. That was tragedy enough for her parents Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill.

Eliza Jane had a cold in early May, that started as a cough, which cleared up. Then there was a runny nose and sneezing which also cleared up. Eventually she developed an ear infection with intermittent fever. When a pediatrician found redness in her ears on May 14th he recommended amoxicillin, a form of penicillin. Her condition rapidly deteriorated after this.

Because the reason why such a young and formerly healthy child’s heart should stop suddenly could not be explained by the hospital, the case was referred to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office.

Christine Maggiore has been a major critic of the AIDS establishment for several years. She has been HIV-positive and healthy, without AIDS drugs, for over a decade. Her experience and her research has inspired many HIV-positive people to reconsider their approach to this diagnosis. This has not endeared her to the many doctors and AIDS activists who promote these drugs.

Read the available information and make up your own mind. We will be updating this page as more information comes available.

If you have a comment or question, feel free to submit it.

Christine Maggiore died of a Drug Reaction Causing Kidney Failure
 Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati has released his report on the death of Christine Maggiore. He states, "Christine suffered fatal renal failure caused by antibiotics, antiviral, and calcium received during the 9 days prior to her death…Christine’s acute renal failure led to development of acute left ventricular heart failure, pulmonary congestion, and pulmonary edema". He goes on to say that Christine was "was treated with antibiotics (Gentamicin, Rocephin, Azithromycin), Acyclovir, Fluconazole and corticosteroids. She also received Meyer’s cocktail, vitamin C, and calcium IV." One of the antibiotics was gentamicin. Her dose of 600 mg/day for 9 days, "is documented in the medical literature to cause tubular necrosis in individuals treated with similar doses".
Media Analysts Admit that the LA Coroner and "Law & Order" are Wrong
 A media website report for November 17th reinforces the knowledge that a recent Law & Order Special Victims Unit episode was based on a distortion of the death of Eliza Jane, Christine Maggiore's daughter – "The story centers on a character obviously based on Rethinking AIDS board member and Alive & Well founder Christine Maggiore". Although the Law & Order episode has the daughter dying of AIDS (PCP and meningitis) this media website states that "Maggiore’s young daughter died in May 2005 of an amoxicillin reaction wrongly declared to be 'AIDS'."
Media Analysts Admit that the LA Coroner and "Law & Order" are Wrong
 A media website report for November 17th reinforces the knowledge that a recent Law & Order Special Victims Unit episode was based on a distortion of the death of Eliza Jane, Christine Maggiore's daughter – "The story centers on a character obviously based on Rethinking AIDS board member and Alive & Well founder Christine Maggiore". Although the Law & Order episode has the daughter dying of AIDS (PCP and meningitis) this media website states that "Maggiore’s young daughter died in May 2005 of an amoxicillin reaction wrongly declared to be 'AIDS'."
Reconsideration of Ezbjörn Hahne Case Requested
 An open letter to the Swedish Prosecution Authority and in particular to Senior Prosecutor Jörgen Almblad and Prosecutors Fredrik Wersäll, Jörgen Almblad, Guntra Åhlund and Stefan Johansson with respect to case 4230–07 before the Supreme Court of Sweden concerning the petition for a new trial in the Ezbjörn Hahne case…
Accused Pathologist a Hapless Scapegoat, Judge Told
 A Canadian inquiry has revealed a system for examining unexplained deaths of children that is seriously flawed and horrendously biased against the parents, friends and relatives.
Charges Dropped Against EJ’s Doctor, Investigation into Coroner Launched The story behind the LA Times report on Dr. Paul M. FleissMarsha Gold
 A report in the October 9th 2007 edition of the Los Angeles Times announced the Medical Board of California has dropped charges of gross negligence against one of Eliza Jane’s three pediatricians, Dr. Paul Fleiss, after a year-long investigation into the highly publicized case. According to the news item by Carla Hall, “The board did not find [Fleiss] grossly negligent in the care of any patient,” including Eliza Jane Scovill, and “acknowledged in its decision that it was flooded with over a hundred letters from generations of patients and parents in support of Fleiss.” [read more…]
“I think Christine and her husband are very brave people…”Louise Andersen, London, UK
 I think Christine and her husband are very brave people. I am sad to hear of their loss of EJ and the injustice following her passing away. I pray all this has happened for a reason even if I understand, that any such reason, no matter how big, will not justify EJ not being with her family anymore.

Louise Andersen

AIDS Myth and the LA County CoronerKeidi Awadu, Christine Maggiore
 Keidi Awadu of Black Liberation Radio hosts a 125 minute conversation with Christine Maggiore. Hour one focuses on fallacies about HIV testing and what's wrong with the AIDS paradigm…
Radio Show on Lawsuit with LA County CoronerChristine Maggiore, Attorney Robin Perry and show host Debo Kotun
 Christine Maggiore appears on KPFK radio’s The Courtyard with host Debo Kotun and Robin Perry, the attorney representing Jose and Rocio Gonzalez, a young couple falsely accused by LA County Coroner James K Ribe of killing their infant son. The program taped three days before final arguments were heard in a civil suit filed by the Gonzalez family who spent several months in jail and lost their three year old son to foster care before Dr Ribe admitted he was wrong.
LA County Coroner On TrialLaw Offices of Robin D. Perry
 A law suit brought against coroner Dr James K Ribe by another couple falsely accused of causing the death of their child goes to trial September 10th in Los Angeles Superior Court. The attached press release prepared by the family’s attorney details how Ribe’s allegation that the parents starved their baby to death resulted in charges of negligent homicide. The couple lost their older child to foster care and spent several months in jail before Ribe, in the face of incontrovertible evidence the child had actually died of SIDS, recanted his original conclusions.
Your courage is incredible…Jose Mercado
 Your courage is incredible. The arrogance and ignorance of the government, medical community and FDA make me sick. One day the truth will come out and those liable will be punished here on Earth or in Hell. I’ve been reading about how there’s no direct proof of how HIV causes AIDS and it intrigues me. My brother tested positive (about 15 years ago) and is healthy. Eliza Jane Scovill is beautiful and I know she’s in Heaven.
God Bless,


EJ’s Lung Slides Used to Save Falsely Accused Father in TexasDr. Mohammed Al-Bayati
 Click here to read a new report by Dr Al-Bayati which proves that pneumonia and medical procedures caused the death of a little girl whose father stands accused of her murder. In this remarkable legal case, Eliza Jane’s lung tissue slides actually serve as photographic evidence of lungs with no pneumonia!
An Interview with Christine MaggioreKim Collins, MotherHood Magazine
 Like most people, I hadn’t spent much time thinking about HIV and AIDS. The issue hadn’t touched me personally, nor anyone with whom I’ve worked as a birth doula and childbirth educator. I had no reason to question the accuracy of HIV tests nor to contemplate the consequences of an HIV positive diagnosis. Then I was asked to interview a mother dealing with the death of her child for this issue of the magazine, and I was introduced to Christine Maggiore, author and mother of two…[more]
Christine Maggiore Challenges Dr. Peter FleggChristine Maggiore and Peter Flegg
 Dr Peter Flegg wrote a letter of comment to Elle magazine in reponse to Elle’s article on Christine Maggiore and the death of her 3 year old daughter, Eliza Jane Scovill (September 2006, “The Believer”). Dr Flegg’s letter, published in the November 2006 issue of Elle, suggested EJ died as result of Maggiore’s “denial.” After reading Flegg’s letter in Elle, Maggiore looked up and called Flegg to clarify and discuss his views. After a pleasant exchange, Flegg and Maggiore engaged in an email correspondence which ended with her questions to Flegg left unanswered and a promise by Flegg to send on a document he wrote in support of the LA County Coroner’s decision left unfulfilled.
…Christine, I believe the truth is coming, that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS…Eran, Toronto, Canada
 I would like to lend my support to you and your family during this testing time. I am sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. Your search for truth only shows how much you loved and cared for Eliza Jane.
My partner tested HIV-positive in January 2007. I am HIV-negative. My partner is in excellent health and the doctors said he has a 0.3% chance of ever catching AIDS! What a cop out.(aussie slang for sweeping it under the carpet). His T cell count is 960 and his so called “viral load” is 25. The doctor believes he seroconverted 2 years ago. We have been together for 8 months. We have to live the rest of our lives with the fear of my partner dying from AIDS.
My partner testing positive has been very difficult for both of us. For me the fear is watching my partner die. I also have fear of contracting HIV myself from my partner. My partner’s biggest fear is giving me HIV. The AIDS establishment and it’s belief that HIV causes AIDS only brings fear and depression into our lives. I have not cried this much in years. Emotionally I am a wreck but I get comfort knowing that there are people questioning this whole HIV dogma. Some may even say I am in denial? I am not, I am a realist.
Since my partner tested positive I started to research on the net. I found Alive and Well and this started me on my research crusade. I am 34 years old and from the age of 13 I have had the AIDS dogma shoved down my throat. I still remember the grim reaper ads.
I have come to respect Christine and the work she is going. Christine and the likes have opened up my eyes to what is really going on. I was taught to always question.
I am a gay male but I dislike the whole gay scene and what comes with it.
Christine I believe the truth is coming, that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. I am not rich nor am I a scientist. I want you to know that there is an Aussie guy living in Toronto, Canada that is praying for you and your family and may you get answers soon.
Truth always prevails.
Paul Fleiss Support LettersSubmitted to the Medical Board of California
 These letters of witness testimony are among evidence submitted to the Medical Board of California in the case of Dr Paul Fleiss, one of Eliza Jane Scovill's pediatricians. Dr. Fleiss is charged with medical negligence by the Medical Board of California. The Medical Board charges allege that Eliza Jane suffered from “failure to thrive” which Dr Fleiss failed to notice. These letters from EJ’s teachers and babysitters attest to a vibrantly healthy, exceptionally intelligent and very energetic child who did not suffer from any signs of illness, serious or otherwise.
EFT Therapist Offers Words of SupportJJ Klein, EFT Therapist, Santa Clarita Valley
 I can’t imagine how you are dealing with all of the assaults after the loss of your daughter. You are amazing people and your courage is inspiring.
Your letter to ELLE magazine was impeccable and well stated. It is an absolute atrocity that people can get away with such slander and I hope you are duly compensated for their libelous statements towards your daughter’s death.
I am an EFT therapist and I help people through grief by tapping on different accupressure points on their face, upper torso. I would happily volunteer my services to your family if you decide that this is something that you would like to try to help you deal with the grief and pressure you must be under. You can get info on this technique on and I have seen it help people in tremendous ways.
Pulling for you,
JJ Klein
Coroner James K. Ribe Under Investigation: Medical Board Acts on Tip from Times ReaderAnonymous Complainant
 Prompted by a letter from a Los Angeles Times reader, the Medical Board of California opened an investigation into LA County Coroner Dr. James K. Ribe in December of 2006 with regard to his handling of the case of Eliza Jane Scovill. The link above includes correspondence between the LA Times reader (whose name and personal information have been redacted to protect her privacy) and the Medical Board of California. These documents prove that a simple action taken by one person has the power to make a difference in the world!
LA County Coroner James Ribe’s Checkered History
 A summary of some of the court cases in which James Ribe has changed his testimony is shown at ej-ribe.html.
Christine Maggiore’s Letter in ELLE MagazineChristine Maggiore
 After extensive negotiation ELLE magazine allowed a letter by Christine Maggiore to be published in the November, 2006 issue of the magazine. Also included is a short defense of the LA Country Coroner’s autopsy report by the magazine and a letter highly critical of Christine Maggiore by Peter Flegg, a British AIDS doctor.
Jane Hill Challenges David Crowe Over the Expertise of Dr. Mohammed Al-BayatiJane Hill and David Crowe
 A debate between Jane Hill and David Crowe over the expertise of Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati and other matters can be found at:
…What I can't understand…is the refusal of the scientific community to engage in dialogue that explores legitimate questions…Donna Flagg, Principal, The Krysalis Group
 To Charles Ornstein
LA Times

Dear Charles,

I have been following the Maggiore story and fully understand that every story has two sides and that it’s human nature to become stuck on the side that makes us “right.” What I can’t understand however, is the refusal of the scientific community to engage in dialogue that explores legitimate questions. This is an industry in a country that claims to link science to discovery. In that context, the adamancy of a segment of our so-called scientists who fail to consider and respond to emerging questions about the HIV=AIDS hypothesis doesn’t make any sense, unless, of course there is something to hide. That unwillingness to consider an open debate in and of itself is suspicious. At a minimum, why wouldn’t a study be conducted that follows people (like Christine Maggiore) who are HIV positive, chose not to take the drugs, yet have long outlived the HIV=AIDS death sentence? It is such a basic question. What happens in the absence of the drugs?

So, we have two sides. On the one hand we have people who have been labeled “dissidents” who don’t want to take drugs. On the other, we have an industry that generates billions by forcing these drugs on people and treating them like criminals if they don’t oblige. Yes, the stakes are high. The dissidents have their health riding on it and the “establishment” has an empire to consider. But really it’s a survival story for both. Whether it’s the people belonging to the establishment preserving their wealth, prestige, ego and reputations, or those who want to preserve their health and freedom, both sides’ lives depend on which argument prevails. As a result, the debate itself goes nowhere.

Unfortunately, we have other societal structures that suffer from this same syndrome of ignorance and arrogance, which means that we end up being a country led by individuals who think that their puerile refusal to listen and respond to alternative views is acceptable. Deluded or deliberate, it doesn’t matter. The results are the same and they speak for themselves.

Thank you,


Donna Flagg Principal
The Krysalis Group, LLC

Comparison of the EJ Scovill case with Destiny JacoboDr. Mohammed Al-Bayati
 Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati has compared the autopsy of EJ Scovill with Destiny Jacobo. In both cases Dr. James Ribe was involved with the autopsy and report. Interestingly enough, in the EJ Scovill case the medical examiners claimed that EJ died of pneumonia despite the evidence, which led to the conclusion that EJ died of AIDS, which led to the conclusion that her parents were responsible. By contrast, in the Destiny Jacobo case, Dr. Al-Bayati notes strong evidence for serious pneumonia which was ignored by the medical examiners. Instead they claimed sexual and physical abuse. Again, this conclusion led to the conclusion that the death was the parents fault. Sadly, in the Destiny Jacobo case the mother was advised to plead guilty (to get a lighter sentence) and is serving a life sentence for murder. The father who pled innocent was jailed and then released several years later.
…Your work exposing the world-wide AIDS deceit is helping save countless lives…Ricky Pennisi
 My prayers to the Scovill Family. Ms. Maggiore, I am sure you are in a great deal of pain right now…do not lose Faith! It is one of life’s ironies,and mysteries, but you and your work exposing the world-wide AIDS deceit are helping save countless lives. There is no doubt that you do not have AIDS, and surely your daughter did not, either. “Their” attributing Eliza’s passing to AIDS shows how determined and diabolical “they” truly are! I am certain that as a breast-fed baby, Eliza was probably healthier than the majority of American babies. I think, judging from your account of what happened, that you are on the right trail. Something exogenous caused her anaphylactic reaction. I would like to pose one question…When I read about Eliza, the description of her worsening! condition “wreaked” of “professional-meddling”. Please accept my heartfelt prayers and immeasurable gratitude for all you have done to bring the truth to the Light...and light to the Truth!

Thanks, Ricky

I believe Christine…Larry McElhinney
 I believe Christine. The coroner is either incompetent or more likely, corrupted by politics.
Why in the world do we allow government workers to touch our loved ones after they die?
I am appalled at the falsity of the ELLE magazine article…Jessica Fletcher
 I am appalled at the falsity of the ELLE magazine article. I must admit that the article is how I first discovered of your daughter's death. I am so thankful that you posted the facts behind the article…someone should be sued for slander.
Keep your chin up, lady. Your hard work is not in vain.
All my support,


Letter to ELLE MagazineDavid Fink, San Francisco
 My heart goes out to my friend, Christine Maggiore. She and her husband, Robin Scovill, have suffered the worst loss imaginable, the death of a child. To be accused of negligence in her death is horrific.
By all accounts, three-year-old Eliza Jane was healthy and vibrant as witnessed by neighbors, friends, teachers and doctors. Her parents showered her and her big brother with attentive, loving care. They were absolutely devoted to their children’s well being, far beyond what many parents have time for in this fast paced world.
Eliza Jane died twenty-four hours after being treated with an antibiotic, amoxicillin, for an ear infection of short duration. To attribute her death to AIDS, simply because of her mother’s HIV status and unconventional views, is preposterous. Eliza Jane exhibited no evidence of immune dysfunction indicative of AIDS throughout her short life, or in the weeks preceding her death. There is also no conclusive evidence that she suffered from pneumonia. The bottom line is that for her illness to be called AIDS, she would have to have tested HIV-positive. To date, the coroner’s office has not responded to her parents’ requests for proof of this status.
Was the coroner’s report politically motivated because of Christine’s activism in questioning HIV? In this age where we know that sometimes facts are fixed around policy, one has to seriously consider this possibility. At the very least, it’s easy to imagine that, had the coroner not known anything about Christine Maggiore, the report might have been entirely different.
Despite the controversy, it’s important to note that Christine’s point of view is very well grounded. Because it has a direct impact on her life, and her family’s life, she has immersed herself in learning as much as possible about HIV, AIDS, and AIDS drugs through scientific literature and professionals including scientists, doctors, journalists and other HIV-positives, both those who share her views, and those who do not.
I’m certain that many who looked at the same information for themselves would reach the same conclusions as Christine and Robin.
One thing Christine certainly learned was that AIDS drugs are primarily tested on adults, not on children. There are no long-term, clinically-controlled, scientific studies showing that someone taking AIDS drugs would live longer and with a better quality of life, than someone who does not. Although this is a popular and cherished belief, it is not supported by scientific evidence. Parents have a right to look at all of the available information and decide for themselves.
Of course, that discussion in Eliza Jane’s case is beside the point. If she wasn’t HIV positive, didn’t have an AIDS defining illness, and had a CD4 count above 200, she did not have AIDS. The case that she did has not been proven.
As for Elle readers, the main thing they should remember about this topic, especially now that federal officials are calling for widespread HIV testing outside of high risk groups, is that pregnancy itself could trigger a false positive on an HIV test. I wish Elle would publish an article about that!
One last word on all this – as someone who has actually taken AIDS drugs – I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy, let alone an innocent child.
Ashland Daily Tidings Incorrectly Diagnoses Me with AIDS
 Dear Sirs,
It appears that someone at the Ashland Daily Tidings had trouble sticking with the facts in the rerun of a story about me taken from a report in the LA Times.
Your publication’s headline erroneously describes me as a “mother with AIDS” when in fact, I have never been diagnosed with AIDS. I enjoy normal health despite having tested HIV positive 14 years ago and taking no AIDS medications.
The headline also incorrectly states that “LA County dropped charges of criminal neglect” against me when in fact, no charges were ever filed.
It’s hard to imagine that the interests of readers are served by news headlines that contradict or editorialize about facts contained in an article.
I look forward to seeing the damaging remarks made about me corrected.
With appreciation,

Christine Maggiore

LA Times Reporter Charles Ornstein talks to Christine Maggiore
 LA Times reporter Charles Ornstein phoned Christine Maggiore to obtain information for an article following the announcement by the LA County Coroner that they were closing their file on the death of Eliza Jane Scovill. The interview is available in Windows Media format and as an MP3. Both are about 8 MB in size.
…I admire the way that your family has fought for the truth, and for your rights as parents, even in the tragic loss of your daughter…Kellie, San Fernando Valley, California
 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family on the loss of your gorgeous daughter. I have been following your story, the Los Angeles Times’ badly biased version of it, and the blogosphere’s truly insensitive comments regarding your daughter’s death. I have noticed that many bloggers are acting on false information, such as the “fact” that Christine is HIV+, when it has been said, over and over, that her tests have been negative, inconclusive, and positive. And yet, this misinformation, along with much other misinformation, has been used to vilify you and instill fear into parents everywhere. After all, if parents cannot make informed decisions about the care of the children that they bring into the world, then we are truly living in Plato’s or Skinner’s world, a world in which parents give their children over to the state at birth.
I admire the way that your family has fought for the truth, and for your rights as parents, even in the tragic loss of your daughter. Your words have made me think, something that those who condemn you seem incapable of. I can only imagine that it's horrible enough to lose a child, but to have people say such terrible things about you as parents? It’s chilling indeed to think that such truly mean and closed-minded people, of all political stripes, walk the earth each day.
My own personal saturation point was reached today, when my husband pointed out the article in which you were “allowed” to keep your son (how thoughtful of the government and media, being that they’ve put you in such utter contempt during your mourning) but that Dr. Paul Fleiss is now being charged with “gross negligence.” One of the reasons that we chose Dr. Fleiss when I was pregnant with our first child is because he has this novel idea of allowing parents to decide what's best for their children. Well, evidently this idea must go, at least according to the Medical Board of California. I’m quite disappointed in Dr. Jay Gordon’s wimping out, or seeming to anyway – perhaps the Times misquoted him, but I am quite proud of Dr. Fleiss for standing up for what he believes – in trusting parents to make the best decisions for their children. Apparently, he’s becoming a dinosaur in that respect.
You know, of course, how wonderful it is to have Dr. Fleiss as a pediatrician. I have found that his loving, caring, and devotion to freedom permeates his office. He has given us such wonderful advice regarding our children. It hurts to know that people who have only read the Los Angeles Times' account and various Internet bloggers are trying to deface such a wonderful, caring doctor. Although I've encountered some fabulous doctors in Los Angeles, he is truly one of the best. His focus is on the child and what is best for the child. He gives gentle advice to parents and allows parents to make their own decisions. Apparently, such freedom of thought and action is a bit too much for those who are conditioned to love the ever-increasing socialism in the U.S.
Like you, I am saddened by the charges that Dr. Fleiss faces, but then again, seeing what is happening to Dr. Fleiss, and how media and government have treated you, makes me understand how unpopular and threatening dissenting thought can be. It’s horrible that in the supposedly freest country on earth, one is encouraged in group think and dissenters are condemned.
Many thanks to your family, and to Dr. Fleiss, for being the brave souls that you are!
L.A. County D.A. Won't Act in Girl's AIDS-Related DeathCharles Ornstein, LA Times
 The Los Angeles County district attorney's office said Friday that it would not file criminal neglect charges against prominent HIV skeptic Christine Maggiore, whose daughter died last year of what the county coroner ruled was AIDS-related pneumonia.

But in a separate development, the Medical Board of California filed an accusation this week against one of the 3-year-old girl's doctors, citing gross negligence in his treatment of her…[more]…

LA Coroner Ends InvestigationChristine Maggiore
 On the anniversary of the release of Eliza Jane’s autopsy report, as I was watering the Bougainvillea plant immortalized in Elle magazine, Charles Ornstein of the LA Times phoned requesting an interview on today’s announcement from the District Attorney's office about charges in the EJ case.
My heart began to pound. “What announcement?” I asked, wondering if these would be my last words before squad cars rounded the corner and I was handcuffed and hauled away with the hose still running.
Instead, I learned from Ornstein (who always seems to know more about my life than I do) that the District Attorney closed the criminal investigation against me today with no charges filed.
After all I've been through, I had only one thought in mind: Get a tape recorder.
The conversation I taped with Ornstein will post to the web site as soon as I can figure out how to do that, so at least one uncensored, unedited, unadulterated version of the facts will exist in the public record.
I have no idea what will appear in the LA Times tomorrow, but get the feeling it will focus on what Ornstein told me when he called back an hour later: Dr Paul Fleiss – our honest, brave, and kind hearted pediatrician – has been charged with negligence by the state medical board for his handling of Eliza Jane's non-existent pneumonia.
Robin and I are devastated to learn of this horrific new injustice and hope that those of you who know and love Dr Fleiss will join us in supporting him and his courageous support of informed choice.

Thank you,


Annotated version of the Elle article (PDF file, 700k)
 An annotated version of the Elle article has been provided with the errors identified by Christine Maggiore marked on a copy of the actual Elle article.
…I was astonished to find the mess made by [ELLE] writer Gretchen Reynolds…Dr. Helen Lauer University of Ghana Legon, Ghana
 Dr. Helen Lauer, a senior lecturer in the Philosophy Department at the University of Ghana, has written to ELLE magazine executives complaining about the tone of a recent article written by Gretchen Reynolds by Christine Maggiore and its many factual errors.
Christine Maggiore Responds to "Elle" MagazineChristine Maggiore
 Christine Maggiore identifies a large number of errors in a recent Elle magazine article and submits them to the magazine’s legal department.
Panel Finds Fault with Florida AutopsiesBrian Skoloff, Associated Press
 The Florida Medical Examiners Commission has recommend that Dr. Charles Siebert be placed on supervised probation for the next 10 months because of a disputed autopsy he performed on a teenager who died at a boot camp for juvenile offenders. He ruled that the death was from sickle cell anemia, but a video tape of camp guards kicking and punching him made it clear that this was very far from the truth.
Thank you for being involved in defending our rights…Hortencia Bremer, Naturopathy Student, Mexico
 I wish I was like you guys,standing for the truth, regardless of what happens. Be assured that little EJ is in the Creator's Lap right now, and keep on fighting. If I can't be of any help, at least I'll be praying to God to give you strength and courage. Somehow, the truth will rise. Thank you for being involved in defending our rights and for letting God use EJ to open our eyes, our hearts and our minds. Her life and dead are more meaningful than you can imagine. May the power, strength, wisdom and love of God be with you at all times. You have a friend here in Mexico. Don't give up!
A Daughter's Death, A Mother's SurvivalCelia Farber, LA City Beat
 The L.A. Coroner insists little Eliza Jane Scovill died of AIDS, and treatment activists have crucified her mother, turning the death of a child into a battleground over the theory that HIV causes AIDS…
…nobody else knows what is happening in your life…Analisha Camacho
 I just wanted to stop by this website and say that I am sorry for what has happened in your family. I just wanted to say that nobody else knows what is happening in your life and that if something like that would have happened in my family then I would be devastated for ever.
…Like yourselves, I have been the unfair recipient of attacks…Keidi Obi Awadu, Liberation Radio
 I have known you well for a number of years; fought side-by-side with you on numerous battlefronts; sat at your feet as student; and stood before you as teacher. Like yourselves, I have been the unfair recipient of attacks from those whose agenda is contrary to the verifiable facts that we have amassed.
What I can say to you is that your will not be expected to fade amidst the malicious attacks. Our Great Ancestors and our Beloved Descendants need us to be unfailing warriors for truth and the best in human potential.
You know that I, along with many thousands of others, love you for the many commitments and self-sacrifices that you have made and will continue to make. In the end, one dollar of Truth will crush a thousand dollars of falsehood. Keep investing in your truths.
Your Brotha
Keidi Obi Awadu
…they're not in your shoes…Briana Herrera
 I hope everything's going okay with you. I just don't know what to tell you except that I'm sorry for your loss. i guess that no one really knows what to tell you because they're not in your shoes, and they don't know what to do or say.
New Scientific Papers in Medical VeritasDr. Mohammed Al-Bayati
 Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati has announced that he has had two papers published in the journal Medical Veritas. The first provides a comparison of the EJ autopsy with that of Destiny Jacobo, in which both parents were jailed for shaking their baby to death. In this case the LA Country Coroner ignored evidence of pneumonia in order to support a diagnosis of child abuse, while in the EJ case, the same coroner has claimed that pneumonia existed, without any evidence of clinical symptoms. This paper is archived on this website with the permission of the publisher.

The second paper contains an analysis of the causes of HIV and AIDS.

For more information please consult out fuller summary of Dr. Al-Bayati’s accomplishments.

I recently came across a rebuttal to Dr. Al-Bayati…Edward Kamau
 First my profound sympathy to the Scovill family for their loss. It is something I can not begin to comprehend. Eliza Jane from all appearances was a wonderful, angelic child.

My comment has to do with the Al-Bayati report and rebuttals to it that have been posted online.

I have followed the AIDS dissident movement for some years now, mainly online at and when they were active as well as reading and listening to Duesberg, Mullis, Bialy, Christine and others. As a result I’m frequently involved in personal discussions about AIDS, typically putting forward the dissident position. So when the Al-Bayati report came out I read it avidly and I’ve been waiting to see what the other side says.

I recently came across a rebuttal to Dr Al-Bayati this blog </a>. Is Dr Al-Bayati aware of this report and if so would he comment on it here?

Our response:

Dr. Al-Bayati is aware of this response but he is very experienced in these cases, and doesn't want to say anything publicly of any substance until after he has testified in court.

The blogger, who is well known to us (Nick Bennett) states on his website “I have never recieved funding from any pharmaceutical company that makes HIV antivirals. I do not get and have not ever been paid to do this.”

This is true, but it’s cleverly worded to avoid the embarrassing fact (that he admitted to me in an email in December, 2005) that “I was funded, on paper, by Astrazeneca for my PhD”.

Astra Zeneca does not make AIDS drugs, but they have still purchased Nick’s loyalty for pharmaceutical solutions in general. And AstraZeneca probably benefits from AIDS in many other ways, as AIDS patients are generally (over)dosed with a variety of drugs apart from antiretrovirals.

Specifically, a 2005 report from the company notes that they are developing TB drugs that are compatible with HIV/AIDS therapies. There are several papers that have noted that when TB patients are given AIDS drugs (and TB can be considered AIDS in people with a positive HIV test) their TB worsens, so presumably they are searching for TB drugs without this effect.

Christine Responds to Poz MagazineChristine Maggiore
 To the editors
Poz Magazine

I wish POZ had published the article Lucille Scott had described during our many interviews: a factual and balanced report on AIDS rethinking that would not make opportunistic use of my daughter Eliza Jane’s sudden death. Instead, we have “Dead Certain,” a fanciful tale of my daughter’s demise by Bob Lederer that places me in invented scenarios acting like the “denialist” he imagines. Since correcting these mistaken ideas takes an entire article (see “POZ Flaws” at, below please find a few crucial facts missing from Lederer’s story.

In five visits with three separate pediatricians, Eliza Jane had no symptoms consistent with life-threatening pneumonia and was breathing normally according to an oxygen meter. A series of chest Xrays taken at the ER provided no evidence for the coroner’s decision four months later that she succumbed to PCP, a decision that contradicts the coroner’s own findings at autopsy: no inflammation of the lungs. Pneumonia is universally defined as “inflammation of the lung caused by disease;” without inflammation, there is no pneumonia, and microscopic findings of PC (the microbe) alone are not indicative of fulminate, fatal PCP (the disease). Further, Eliza Jane had an unusually high lymphocyte count when the opposite is associated with the immune suppressed state that allows PC to develop into PCP.

Lederer also fails to mention that seven months after the release of my daughter’s autopsy report (and despite numerous requests from our attorneys), we are still waiting for lab evidence of Eliza Jane’s HIV status. And speaking of HIV tests, Lederer leaves out another perplexing situation: my husband remains HIV negative despite a decade of unprotected contact during our relationship.

Rather than risk the questions and uncertainties that might arise from a real report on the issues, Lederer filters out the complexities and uncomfortable realities to feed readers a simple tale that leads to only one conclusion: “denialism = death.” But I wonder, if this equation is so obvious and immutable, why deny the facts in trying to prove it?


Christine Maggiore

Since letters to magazines are limited in length, Christine has also provided a more detailed response here.

 Poz magazine contacted Christine and promised to write an article on dissident thoughts, and not focus on EJ’s death. You can guess what happened. Christine will be responding soon.
Dr. Al-Bayati is one of the most honest and intelligent experts and professionals I have worked with…Nancy Garcia, Families United for Justice
 I worked on the Bryant Arroyo case with Dr. Al-Bayati and my sister-in-law is HIV positive. My nephew is a very healthy child at the age of 4, actually a lot more healthier than his siblings who are older than him and their mother tested positive while being pregnant with my nephew.

Dr. Al-Bayati is one of the most honest and intelligent experts and professionals I have worked with. Keep up the good work and don’t give up. History has proved that in order to make a difference many brave men and women have to endure suffering and the ignorance of others. But, the truth shall prevail.

…I too was told I had AIDS from a blood transfusion in 1979, and was given 3 months to live in 1986…Mike, New York
 I want to pass along my sincere condolences for your loss. The worst thing that can happen is for parents to outlive their children. My heart goes out to you and your husband. All of you will be in my prayers.
I am saddened by the way the LA Coroner and the press have treated your loss. Unfortunately, you had a target painted on your back and I’m sure the HIV/AIDS establishment took full advantage to discredit or silence your views. Furthermore, I think it’s unconscionable that a parent can’t make healthcare decisions for their own children (especially when the prevailing medical theory is based on junk science). How come we never hear about all the young children that die after receiving antiviral therapy? Why isn’t the state going after those parents? Some of the criticism is also amazing. They are saying things like “Christine refuses to believe in AIDs, so if she wants to play with her own life let her.” I think these people need to be reminded that if AIDS truly exists, there is no cure. So, who’s really being delusional? As a scientist I cannot rule out the possibility that HIV may in fact cause AIDS. However, that hypothesis won’t find its wa! y into my thinking until it is proven by sound scientific method. In the mean time I feel we should be pursuing all potential hypotheses.
By the way, I too was told I had AIDS from a blood transfusion I received in 1979, and was given three months to live in 1986, whereby I went home to die. Amazingly, I lived more than three months and after a couple of years realized that there was something inherently wrong with the HIV paradigm. So I grew a new resolve and decided to live. I changed my lifestyle and lost tons of weight (which turned out to be the true cause of my health problems). It is now 27 years since my supposed infection and I am healthier than most people I know. In fact, I look younger and stronger now in my mid-forties than when I was in my twenties. Furthermore, my wife and I were virgins on our wedding night and neither of us are homosexuals. So the only possibility of infection was my transfusion in 1979.
I am so sorry for your loss…Noel Sanger
 This is absolutely, unspeakably, horrifying. My heart and soul are with you.
I am so sorry for your loss.
…Drugs are all poisons. If one is drugged while undergoing an eliminative process, the body has to stop this corrective, life saving process and now defend itself from the drug/poison as it becomes the top priority of survival to the organism…Jack Ebner, PhD Biophysiology, Hawai'i
 My sincerest condolences to Christine and her husband. I was shocked to hear of Christine’s daughter’s demise.

I have an extensive background, over 17,000 hours of reading and study in corrective nutrition. I am not a symptom treater but rather I teach my clients what they are doing to cause their own symptoms/diseases. My education includes the study of the spurious history of AIDS but my background goes far beyond just that area.

Without getting too long winded, I will briefly touch on a few salient points. First of all, the light symptoms EJ was exhibiting were body initiated and conducted processes of elimination. That’s what so called pneumonia really is – an elimination process. In other words, right action and not something to be suppressed with drugs or any other modalities, medical or alternative. She was simply detoxifying from enervation, i.e. lowered nerve energy and subsequent toxemia. If one lives a certain way, one never has to “get sick” or become symptomatic as they are keeping up in a timely fashion with the overall physiological processes of nutrition and drainage. In other words, symptomology is due to physiologically incorrect habits of living. So called antibiotics have never saved anybody from anything. Another way of saying antibiotics is ‘against life’. Yes, these poisons kill micro-organisms but anything that will kill bacteria will also cause harm to the rest of the living organism, sometimes death. Anyway, micro-organisms are only there to feed off the feast of excessive metabolic waste. (They only contribute to symptomology in that their waste matter adds to the body’s toxic load. They are not causative.) It happens all the time but, of course, the worsening symptomology is attributed to whatever one has been diagnosed with, when really the only diagnosis is toxemia. Drugs are all poisons. If one is drugged while undergoing an eliminative process, the body has to stop this corrective, life-saving process and now defend itself from the drug/poison as it becomes the top priority of survival to the organism. So the elimination process stops. You see, it’s the body that acts upon that which it is subjected to, not the other way around – the living acts upon the non-living. It would be like putting a cork in a certain bodily orifice when nature calls.

Medical care is only appropriate when it comes to accidents, injuries, emergencies, birth defects and some corrective surgeries and even in these cases, there are plenty of treatments that contribute to patient pathology and potential subsequent demise. Unfortunately, medical schools teach just that – medicine, and as such, approximately 80 to 90 per cent of what these future medicine men/women are taught is incorrect because medicine is based on empiricism and appearances not scientific fact. It is medical science, not real science.

The correct thing to do when one is sick is to go to bed in order to restore nerve energy so that the body can continue the detoxification process. Usually the person is not hungry anyway but even so, it’s best to not eat but rather to just drink pure water if and when thirsty. Once the body has sufficiently brought the toxic load down to acceptable levels, the symptoms stop, the individual feels much better and can get back to their daily lives. Unfortunately because they have not been taught that they causes their illness, they just end up doing the same things and eventually “get sick” again at some point in time. Symptom treaters live off the ignorance of the masses and, they too, in most cases, are victims of their own miseducation so everyone loses.

It’s education not treatments that people need in order to maintain health.

Thank you Christine for contributing to my education. I have two copies of your book in my health library as well as Dr. Duesberg’s and a host of others.

Response to Dr. Jack EbnerChristine Maggiore
 Thank you for visiting the web site JusticeForEJ. I appreciate your kind remarks and the information you shared. We are very much in agreement on a number of points you raise about medicine and health. The third pediatrician to see my daughter shares many of your views and never turns immediately or for expediency to antibiotics or other pharmaceutical treatments. He prescribed the antibiotic for EJ only because her eardrum had turned red whereas the last visit she had only fluid and after we tried natural treatments. His goal was to help, not harm her, and he thought carefully before giving us that prescription.
I would also like you to know that my daughter did not have pneumonia. Her lungs were clear, she was not coughing, choking, or gasping for breath and she never exhibited any sign of oxygen deprivation and never turned blue. Also, her lungs showed no inflammation at autopsy. As you certainly know, pneumonia is defined as inflammation of the lung caused by disease. I mention this because you discuss pneumonia in your remarks as if this applied to her case and all available evidence indicates it does not.
Thank you again for taking the time to write.
What presumptuous reasoning…Emilyne, France
 “She can take risks with her life, depending on what her values are,” Dubler said. “But for her to impose her values on a child is impermissible.”
What presumptuous reasoning. If ethics is the quest of moral norms, what is to be deduced from this statement? What kind of freedom is left to parenthood? Since when can ‘values’ be good and bad?
All my thoughts are with your family.
I have just stumbled upon this situation after testing false positive…Debra Radonich
 Our deep and profound sympathy on the terrible loss of your beautiful baby girl. I have just stumbled upon this situation after testing false positive for HIV while pregnant with my second child. Searching the web on “false positive” led me to Christine’s works, which gave me hope and just seemed so logical. In spite of my doctor’s counseling that the test was 99.9% accurate, and that the liklihood of a false positive was 1 out of 100,000, I knew it was preposterous that I could have HIV. Christine gave us hope. The idea that Eliza Jane could have succombed to AIDS is just preposterous too. The arrogance of the established medical community doesn’t want to acknowledge that there is so much we don’t know about so many medical conditions, not just HIV. Our most heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
Christine Corrects Prime Time Recap, Reveals Coroner’s Edited RemarksChristine Maggiore
 As Christine notes, there’s an error of substantial significance in the otherwise superb Zenger's article. Maggiore corrects the misunderstanding that pediatricians did not know her HIV status and shares some of the shocking comments by LA County Coroner James K. Ribe omitted from the television broadcast. She also replies to insinuations of negligence: “The only negligence I see is on the part of the coroner’s office in determining a cause of death that defies their own findings at autopsy and disregards the established medical literature.”
“I am sick of this whole business…”Bettie Malofie
 I am sick of this whole business. A child dies, and because received wisdom is challenged, a mother-bashing industry has erupted. Has this family not suffered enough? When someone dies of cancer or “AIDS” “treatment” - well, too bad, they say he died of “his” disease. When a child dies because she had an allergic reaction to a drug, but happens to have a mother who is too smart to buy all the pathetic crap that passes for medical wisdom, then it seems the whole family is going to have to pay, in spades, for eternity, for going against the grain.
If it was me, I would pack up what is left of my family before we all lose our minds, and head for some faraway place where we will never be found by the lunatics (and that is what they are) whose bruised egos cannot be repaired until they see us bleeding on the ground. They are never going to be convinced, Christine. Justice for EJ, that gorgeous child? I wonder.
Another LA County Coroner Case OverturnedUnited States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
 The LA County Coroner was involved with the case of a woman accused in California of shaking her grandaughter to death, and subsequently sent to prison, but later had her sentence overturned on appeal. The judge noted that was no motivation for the grandmother, no prior history of abuse and, most troubling of all “absence of the usual indicators of violent shaking such as bruises on the body, fractured arms or ribs, or retinal bleeding.” This did not stop the prosecution ‘experts’ from testifying that abuse occurred. From the appeal transcript (PDF file): “The prosecution’s expert testimony, absolutely critical to its case, concluded that the cause of death was tearing or shearing of the brain stem when there was no physical evidence of such tearing or shearing, and no other evidence supporting death by violent shaking.” Somewhat ironically, they also stated “Absence of evidence cannot constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”
Letter to Dr. VintersChristine Maggiore
 Dear Dr. Vinters,

I am contacting you with regard to an interview you gave to Benjamin Ryan of this past December on the subject of the death of my daughter Eliza Jane Scovill.

I would very much appreciate clarification of some remarks attributed to you in that interview in order to better understand your interpretation of my daughter’s autopsy report.

Currently, a transcript of the interview is posted online and contains a note that I called your office back in December seeking clarification but to date have received no response. I’m hoping email is a more effective way to reach you and that you will take a moment to reply to the three questions below. The answers are of interest to me personally, and I would also like to post them online. Below please find your quotes and my questions.

Benjamin Ryan: “Dr Harry Vinters reviewed the autopsy and he told me that he found the pathological finding ‘very well described’ and that it was ‘a very thorough report.’ He also said ‘the HIV encephalitis was extremely severe and the PCP was extremely severe as well.’”

  1. Approximately how much time did you spent reviewing my daughter’s autopsy report?
  2. To what do you refer as evidence of “extremely severe” PCP? My understanding of the autopsy report is that there was no inflammation of the lungs and there is only microscopic evidence of PC rather than evidence of a fulminate case of PC pneumonia, and no evidence of death by asphyxiation.

    On the same topic, Benjamin Ryan states: “Vinters said it’s possible to have a low amount of inflammation but still have PCP.” In my daughter’s case, however there was *no* inflammation noted in the autopsy report. Were you correctly quoted by Ryan?

  3. To what evidence do you refer in your statement that “the HIV encephalitis was extremely severe?” My daughter’s spinal fluid was clear at the ER and remained clear after many weeks of attempts to grow any microbe in culture. A CAT scan performed at the ER shows no swelling of her brain and medical records show no symptoms that would correspond with “extremely severe” encephalitis such as high fever, head pain, or loss of mental acuity.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

With appreciation for your time and cooperation,

Christine Maggiore

As of today, no reply has been received

Our Experience with PneumoniaChristine Maggiore and Robin Scovill
 Robin and I recently spent two weeks helping care for a friend with pneumonia. By care, I mean providing him with three (and more) meals a day, arranging and taking him to doctor appointments, cleaning his room and bathroom, changing bed sheets and doing laundry, taking shifts staying with him on particularly dicey nights. In other words, we were in close contact on a daily basis.
His brother took him home to San Francisco and checked him into a hospital the day after he left Los Angeles. Once our friend was gone, we realized that he had given us a graphic lesson in what a serious case of pneumonia is like. We wanted to share what we learned from this experience for the record.
As opposed to our daughter who was agitated, our friend slept most all day and night. He also ran a high and near constant fever unlike Eliza Jane. Also unlike EJ, he had a cough, especially at night. And he had coughing fits, not just a cough, and during those fits his face would turn bluish purple. The night before his brother arrived, our friend's fingers started turning blue at the tips and when he'd lay down, his ears turned purple. The visiting nurse caring for him told us that if we ever saw that symptom, we should take him to an ER immediately. We tried to take him to the hospital but he wouldn't go voluntarily, so we took turns and stayed up all night with him in case he needed an ambulance before his brother arrived.
He could not speak a full sentence without having to stop for breath in between words.
Once back in San Francisco, our friend finally agreed to go the hospital, but not until the next day. He wanted a good night's sleep at home first! At admission, he informed the hospital personnel that he had pnuemonia on and off since before Thanksgiving. In assessing his situation, the medical personnel told our friend that he was mere days away from being in very serious trouble. They upgraded his condition to "life critical" the following day and put him on oxygen.
In summary, even with all those terribly obvious and deeply concerning symptoms and having had pneumonia on and off since November of 2005, our friend was still able to breathe on his own and make it to a hospital on his own terms.
Knowing now what pneumonia is like–and what the tell tale signs of worsening and serious pneumonia are like–we can fully understand why our pediatricians did not see any signs of pneumonia in EJ–it wasn't there. How could anyone even suggest that three competent and caring doctors and two loving, attentive parents missed or ignored the type of symptoms we saw in our friend? And it's incredible to us that with all the dire symptoms, our friend still made it to a hospital alive, breathing without assistance, full of piss and vinegar, and with an admonition about being days away from serious trouble.
Recap of Prime Time Segment on Eliza JaneMark Gabrish Conlan Zenger’s News Magazine
 Zenger’s News Magazine offers its take on Christine Maggiore’s appearance on the ABC-TV news show Prime Time: “In what was perhaps the most moving portion of the Prime Time show, Maggiore told Cuomo that she could not directly answer the question of what she thought killed her daughter, but said through tears, ‘I believe that the unfortunate irony in this situation is that the one time we were asked to, and we complied, with mainstream medicine, we inadvertently gave our daughter something that took her life’.”
Submitted Comment regarding Benjamin Ryan InterviewRuben Vicente
 It’s amazing to me that while I was reading the article by Mr. Ryan in (as well as the original transcript) I couldn’t help but notice that most of the banner ads flashing on the page were for HIV/Aids medications. Could the dogmatism reflected by mainstream gay publications come from the financial backing offered through advertising by the pharmaceutical companies? Hmmmmmmmmmm…I wonder if money talks?
When I saw the picture of Eliza Jane, I physically hurt inside. What a loss…Jason Derek, Florida
 What life within those big, black eyes. What confidence and sheer happiness in that bright, toothy smile.
Cuteness overload. You just want to hug that child and drink in her honesty.
I can’t think of a greater crime than for an industry to use that little ball of hope – in that picture – as a ‘poster child’ for eliminating her mother, for greater corporate profits, and for “better living through chemistry”.
These people, they have no souls. Even cockroaches occasionally stop feeding. They are worse than that, even…they are malignant tumors – parasites – feeding off humanity’s good-natured trust and destroying all in their path, contributing nothing of real value to their host organism.
Christine, you are a brave soldier indeed. Since you are probably too busy fighting these legions of merciless monsters to let yourself really hurt inside, I will try and feel the hurt for you.
I think we all will.
Letter to Benjamin Ryan, Gay.comDr. Henry H. Bauer, Dean Emeritus of Arts & Sciences, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
 Over the last 20 years, a huge amount of data has accumulated from HIV tests in the US. Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 of the adult population has been tested.

Those data show regularities and trends which prove that HIV is not a sexually transmitted infection. (More than a dozen studies report a transmission efficacy of about 1 per 1000 acts of unprotected intercourse; none has reported anything appreciably higher).

My first article analyzing these data has just been published. I am attaching a pdf of the page proofs; there were no significant changes in the actually published version

Please look at the data, check the original sources, think about it. Mainstream science and medicine are sometimes wrong.

Response from Benjamin Ryan: Sorry, not interested. I’m sorry you have these opinions.

Christine Maggiore Interviewed by Benjamin Ryan of Gay.comChristine Maggiore (CM) and Benjamin Ryan (BR)
 In December, Christine was interviewed by Benjamin Ryan, an HIV testing counselor turned AIDS journalist. We are posting the transcripts of the interview so that you can compare it with the article that actually ran.
Submitted CommentJeff Sullivan, Albany, New York
 I’ve often heard that our life hangs by a thread, and what happened to Eliza Jane reminds me we do not control our destiny. It is our lack of control that makes us human, allows us to appreciate each and every moment.
I support the Maggiore/Scovill Family with all my heart. They provide hope in a world lost to corruption.
My condolences.
Submitted CommentWilliam S. Seaberry
 Why is ‘Iatrogenic’ not listed as the number one cause of death in the the USA? I believe that 720,000 was 2004’s count [see:]...but you can’t blame a pandemic on doctors, drugs and unneeded surgeries or toxic treatments. That would be to oppose the Drug cartel and the criminal FDA.

I support Christine and Robin 100% and am so sorry for their loss. Don’t ever stop telling the truth!

Christine Maggiore interviewed on the Byte Show (audio)
 Christine Maggiore talks to GeorgeAnn Hughes of the Byte Show, describing her experiences since Eliza Jane’s death, and how being diagnosed HIV positive has changed her life. Christine also talks about how her understanding of HIV and AIDS information has evolved since the publication of her book.
A Mother’s Denial, a Daughter’s DeathCharles Ornstein and Daniel Costello, LA Times
 This front page story by LA Times reporters Charles Ornstein and Daniel Costello appeared to accept, without questioning, the LA county coroner’s conclusion that Eliza Jane died of “AIDS-related pneumonia” even before Christine and Robin had received a copy of the coroner’s report.
This front page story also reported that several mainstream doctors had suggested that her parents should have been forced to test the child for HIV and that stronger antibiotics (such as Bactrim) should have been used.
Anti-AZT Activist’s Child DiesLiam Scheff
 Liam Scheff is the journalist who broke the story about clinical trials and abuse of guardians and children at the Incarnation Children’s Center in New York City.
Submitted CommentCatherine Reuter
 I am so very sorry for your loss. The coroner in LA is not facing any charges? That doctor should re-do his report to reflect accurately what happened. My mother died last year from multiple medical errors and nobody cared, but me. Good luck and keep everyone informed.
The Los Angeles Times Run AroundChristine Maggiore

Dear Christine,

The letters department [of the LA Times] forwarded to the readers’ representative office your letter because, as before, it alleges errors (“omissions and misrepresentations”) in the Dec. 9 article. The letters department did not publish your previous letter because editors in that department do not publish letters that dispute facts. If facts in an article are wrong, a correction would be published. However, no correction is warranted in this case. As we discussed before, your letter can present your perspective, but letters are not forums for disputing facts, so in its present form, the letter cannot run.

Jamie Gold, Readers’ Representative

Our Thoughts: Once again, the Los Angeles Times has refused to publish a letter from Christine Maggiore, the subject of three articles that include errors, omissions and misrepresentations.

As occurred with Maggiore’s previous attempts at drafting an acceptable letter following the Times’ September 23 article “A Mother’s Denial, A Daughter’s Death,” Reader’s Representative Jamie Gold cites the policy that silences challenge. In the above email message to Maggiore, Gold reminds her that the paper does not “publish letters that dispute facts.” And as with the last run around, facts are defined by the LA Times as any claim or statement contained in the article itself or a reporter’s notes, whether or not the notes or the article is correct.

In this case, Maggiore was informed her letter of reply could not mention the fact that Dr Al-Bayati’s review of her daughter’s autopsy had been accepted for publication by a medical journal with an editorial board of some 20 medical doctors and scientists because reporter Daniel Costello felt “the journal exhibited an ideology opposing mainstream medical thinking.” Apparently, Costello’s opinion of the journal renders the fact of its publication of Al-Bayati’s review a non-fact or, worse, a fact that disputes the LA Times’ notion of fact.

I suppose this circular logic makes sense in the world according to Daniel Costello, Charles Orenstein and the Los Angeles Times...

Challenge and Rebuttal…Daniel R. Gerard, MS, RN versus David Crowe
 Daniel R. Gerard accepts the coroner’s conclusion that EJ died of AIDS-related pneumonia, and claims that, because Christine Maggiore is not a scientist or physician her views do not “hold up to the light of day”. David Crowe responds, Daniel Gerard does not…
Letter to the LA TimesChristine Maggiore
 Consistent with previous articles about me appearing in the Times, your December 9th story contains several striking omissions and misrepresentations. To cite one example, Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati’s review of my daughter’s autopsy did not necessitate viewing of pathology slides since the slides are not in dispute, a point explained to, but apparently ignored by Costello and Orenstein as part of efforts to insinuate negligence.

In their desire to depict Al-Bayati as biased, Costello and Orenstein fail to mention that his analysis of my daughter’s death has been published in a medical journal whose review board consists of 20 physicians and scientists with no association to Alive & Well.

Further obscuring the facts, your dynamic duo suggest Al-Bayati’s work resulted in the conviction of a Maryland babysitter when in fact his autopsy analysis in this case was commissioned two years after the woman’s incarceration and is being presented as evidence in her bid for a new trial. I encourage readers feeling dizzy from all the spins to stop in for a check up at

Logic Matters, Labels Do NotDavid Jack, Nova Scotia, Canada

To say that Christine Maggiore’s research, logical analyses and conclusions about ‘HIV’ and AIDS must be dismissed because she is not a formally-accredited scientist or medical practitioner is purely contemptible and utterly false.

This whole issue ultimately becomes one that revolves around the validity and true nature of formal accreditation and letters…thus determining whether one can be an “expert” without formal accreditation.

After all, the true measure of real expertise in any discipline, is the extent to which that person applies valid rules of logic to evaluate the valid causality of supposed causes and effects, with regard to actual evidence and ideas. Advanced graduate training programs which place letters such as “MD” or “PhD” after a professional’s name, do nothing more than teach these methods, applied to various specific tasks and human enterprises, such as sociology, chemistry, medicine, or whathaveyou.

Thus, the professional letters and titles are ultimately meaningless, without the use of proper logical analysis. Anyone who possesses these formal accreditations and letters, but who does not practice meticulous logic in their analysis, is a fraud.

I’ve read both Maggiore’s and Duesberg’s books, and they have actually applied the most meticulous and thorough logic possible in this regard. Thus, their conclusions really are “expert” conclusions.

The mainstream medical industry has not employed such rigorous standards, thus both their opinions and status as “experts” are invalid and fraudulent.

In conclusion, Maggiore, Duesberg, and all those who support them in their cause based on an actual evaluation of their logical methods, are the true experts on this issue. Everyone outside this group that I have just described are not true experts, no matter their priestly puffery and attempts at psychological domineering of all those who dissent. What’s more, those outside this group who claim to be the “experts” are actually frauds, despite their vain, deceptive titles and affiliations.

Logic matters. Labels do not. Christine’s side is right. The other is wrong.. It’s just that simple.

Response to Inaccurate Information in the LA TimesDr. Mohammed Al-Bayati
 In your December 9 story on “HIV skeptic” Christine Maggiore, author Daniel Costello attributes a comment to me that I never made…
Submitted CommentBriana Herrera, Christine, Texas
 I believe that the medicine Eliza Jane took killed her because she was allergic to it. I believe that because my brother took the same medicine, and he was allergic to it, and he also died.
Does a Bioethicist Have an Ethical Duty to Respond?Christine Maggiore

Bioethics is the study of the moral and ethical choices faced in medical research and in the treatment of patients. Dr. Nancy Dubler is the Director of the Division of Bioethics at the Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York. As part of the ABC Prime Time segment on Christine Maggiore that aired December 8, 2005, Dubler made the following statements regarding Maggiore’s decision to not subject her children to HIV testing:

“I would say that the next time a child is born to an HIV-positive woman and that woman refuses to have the child tested and treated if positive, that the state has a moral obligation to proceed immediately…There are only three choices in this kind of situation: Take the child, take the child, take the child.”

Read about the lack of citations to back these comments up…

Submitted CommentKaye, San Francisco
 I am so sorry about the loss of your beautiful daughter who you loved so much. That an ignorant and greedy capitalist drug-dealing system can have the nerve to try to crucify you for refusing to poison your children in the name of a made-up disease that defies logic to anyone capable of engaging their brain. Bad science, fake tests, billions of dollars of advertising money. (kinda sounds like whats going on in the middle east doesn’t it...)
I have had toxic reactions to penicillin, but was fortunately old enough to decide that I had better stop taking it. The sulfa drugs that almost killed me another time were even worse. Both infections were the result of sloppy medical treatment.
I now realize that pharmaceutical medicine (a product of the petroleum industry) is toxic by definition, and I no longer use their drugs, choosing rather Chinese medicine as a safer and more effective option. I have not (voluntarily) used antibiotics for over 15 years. Of course those in our food and water supply are not totally avoidable, and are probably part of the reason for toxic reactions.
I encourage and support anyone who refuses to blindly use toxic western medical treatments. Like cancer-causing breast X-Rays (called mammograms), lindane (a pesticide banned for all uses except medical treatment) and so on.
What insanity to damage and poison ourselves under the ‘orders’ of a doctor when there are non-toxic alternatives.
Submitted CommentKen Anderlini, Canada
 I have to wonder how many more children will die from ARVs (anti-retroviral drugs) and how many more families destroyed before professionals like Dr. Nancy Dubler start taking morality and ethics seriously. I would think that before she starts screaming hysterically “Take the child” she would have a moral obligation to investigate the science of ‘HIV/AIDS’ and the record of treatments.
Just because the mainstream press and pharmaceutical advertisements call ARVs “life-prolonging” does not mean that they are. Does Dubler believe every advertisement on TV? Giving a child AZT is murder. It is the kind of evil practiced by the Nazis who our own society so loves to distance themselves from. Today the moral obligation of the state is to begin criminal proceedings against those who have carried out iatrogenocide since ‘HIV’ testing and AZT treatment began.
The only hope I can imagine arising from the tragic death of Eliza Jane is that it will draw rethinkers even more closely together to protect children and families from bureaucrats, social workers, doctors, and reporters who would rather see children killed than live in health simply because their mothers have non-specific antibodies which react to a test with no gold standard. Even if one accepts the belief that ‘HIV’ causes immune deficiency it is no excuse for poisoning infants or adults with pharmaceuticals. Enough is enough – the killing must stop.
To Christine, Robin and Charlie I extend my deepest sympathy and my love.
To Christine, please know you are model of strength, integrity and wisdom. As more people like myself – those branded ‘HIV+’ – come to take a stand against the insanity I truly hope we can soon begin to lighten the load you have so valiantly carried for so many years now. May you find peace and the space simply to live and love in the coming years.
Did HIV-Positive Mom's Beliefs Put Her Children at Risk?ABC Primetime
 From the moment Eliza Jane Scovill came into the world on Dec. 3, 2001, she was strong and feisty — much like her mom, Christine Maggiore. Maggiore describes Eliza Jane as “fierce, sweet, intelligent… wildly creative, imaginative.”
“She loved music, singing, dancing. She loved her older brother, Charlie,” Maggiore said. “I just wanted to live as long as I could to know her, to … listen to her speak, to bask in her beauty.”
In 1992, Maggiore tested positive for HIV. While researching her diagnosis, she became a member of a small, but radical movement proclaiming that everything we thought we knew about AIDS was wrong — even the most basic premise, that HIV causes AIDS.
She addressed huge crowds at rock concerts, and sparked protests in Africa. Mainstream scientists dismissed her message as dangerous. But a defiant Maggiore was intent on practicing what she preached, refusing to take anti-viral medication like AZT when pregnant…[click above link for the entire transcript and related documents]
Submitted CommentTami Lewis, Fort Myers, Florida
 Christine, I am so sorry for the loss of your little girl. My heart aches for you. Believe your heart.
Submitted CommentMichael, Toronto, Canada
 I’ve been HIV positive for 18 years now and I have no illness. I have never taken any AIDS medication ever. I have always wondered because viruses attack, that’s what they do, they do not hide or lay dormant. I have been a long time supporter of the “Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the AIDS Hypothesis”.
HIV Skeptic Takes Her Case to TV AudienceDaniel Costello & Charles Ornstein, Los Angeles Times
 The LA Times ran a story which largely echoed the ABC Primetime TV show. They continued attempts to discredit Al-Bayati, by noting that he does not have an MD (but admitting that he does have a doctorate (PhD) in comparative pathology from UC Davis. They used the pejorative term “denialist” to describe the fact that he has questioned the connection between HIV and AIDS. If science is about questioning current beliefs to develop new and better theories, why is a bad thing to question an established dogma?
The article clearly favors the LA County Coroner James Ribe, quoting him saying “The findings are clear-cut, I’m afraid, and the findings are unequivocal…The body shows what it shows. The organs show what they show. That hasn’t changed before, since or ever.” They did not appear to have challenged him to provide additional evidence. They asked an establishment AIDS doctor, Dr. Harry Vinters, chief of neuropathology at UCLA Medical Center, for his opinion and, not surprisingly, he supported the coroner saying that the diagnosis “is really quite straightforward. It’s not a subtle or tricky diagnosis.” They did not provide any evidence for readers beyond this statement of opinion.
Letter to ABCNews.comElizabeth Ely, New York
 I saw the ABC Primetime feature last night on Christine Maggiore and the unfortunate death of her daughter, Eliza Jane, and I thank you for your mostly balanced coverage. However, I thought I would correct one point that you seem to have made throughout this video. As a fellow journalist, I hope you will take this factual error seriously – and correct the record on the Primetime show.

Christine Maggiore is not, and does not present herself as, “HIV-positive.”  She tested positive for HIV in 1992 but has received mixed test results since then.  According to her published testimonial, available on her group’s Web site and at the front of her book, some subsequent HIV tests revealed negative and inconclusive results.  This is the very reversal that led her, a mainstream AIDS activist at the time, to question the HIV-positive diagnosis itself and the accuracy of the test.

To describe Christine Maggiore as “HIV-positive,” without qualification and background, is therefore not correct.

If, however, Christine is “HIV-positive,” her healthy survival for 13 years while taking none of the recommended drugs for this condition is certainly worthy of investigation.

Christine found that her questions about her mysterious sero-conversion were not welcome at the organization for which she was a spokesperson, so she looked elsewhere for research.  What she came up with led to the research in her book.  She did not, as you imply, go from “HIV-positive” to “radical” with barely a step in between.  To leave this out is to distort her work and to leave the public dangerously in the dark as to a public health matter, namely, the questionable accuracy of the HIV test.

I was, however, unaware that the pathologist hired by Christine and her husband to review EJ’s cause of death was on the board of her organization.  Please confirm that this is correct and verified by ABC.  Please also reveal the affiliations of ABC’s independent pathologist, as this is just as relevant to the credibility of those results.  Is this pathologist saying specifically that EJ showed signs of pneumonia?

I would say that the consequences to the Maggiore-Scovill family are severe if this story about them is allowed to stand without rebuttal.  Not only have Christine and her husband, Robin Scovill, been exposed to a police investigation; they have also been found guilty without trial on the front page of the Los Angeles Times.  Christine has tried unsuccessfully (as far as I know so far) to correct the record at the Times, or even to publish a letter to the editor.

Response from Christine Maggiore: Thanks for writing in to ABC. I appreciate your support and your interest  in following this story.

As I stated on a radio interview on KPFK recently, yes, Al-Bayati is on the Alive & Well advisory board. To me that means I can count on him to give an honest and factual accounting from an expert perspective. As a parent, I want to know why my child died, so I turned to someone I could trust to go strictly by the facts. I was not and am not seeking exoneration or to appear right. I am seeking the truth. As any attorney in criminal law will tell you, there are great numbers of pathologists and other experts for hire who, if you go through enough of them, will tell you what you need or want to hear. We wanted one who would tell us the truth.

We had no idea what happened to our daughter when we sent the autopsy report to Al-Bayati for review and had no idea what Al-Bayati’s conclusion would be. It didn’t even occur to me that I should not allow an expert I know and trust to analyze the case because it might appear inappropriate on a TV show. We wanted to know why our daughter died and Al-Bayati is uniquely qualified in his field.

From what I understand, there are very few dual board certified toxicologists with a degree in comparative human pathology with the experience he has in unexplained death in children and fewer still with the record he has for taking unpopular positions when the facts lead him there. Several pathologists who concluded the same as Al-Bayati would not put their name on a report or speak for the record. They wanted no part of the controversy.

Despite the risks of being associated with me, Al-Bayati’s report has been accepted for publication in a medical journal with 11 medical doctors and a dozen scientists on their review board who don’t know me, and I have no idea who they are either.

Please note we have not paid Al-Bayati for his autopsy analysis and his board position with Alive & Well always has been that of an unpaid advisor.

Ultimately, the facts are the facts and the facts are what must stand up to challenge.

Thanks again for writing,


Submitted CommentSandy Wright, Windsor, Canada
 I watched Primetime last night as was flabbergasted. I cannot believe how they portrayed Christine. Clearly she has done her research. I don't believe for a second that EJ died of HIV or AIDS. Nice cover-up for the reaction to the antibiotics though.

I don’t believe in coincidences: ear infection, mild cold, clear lungs, antibiotics, death. I work in the field of allergies. I cannot stress how dangerous antibiotics are. Every week I hear patients tell me how they have reacted to antibiotics in the past. So many patients are allergic to eggs and chicken. When tested, it is quite often the tetracycline they are reacting to.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Keep strong. And thank you for the work you are doing.

Submitted CommentDavid Blake Jones, Atlanta, Georgia
 Thank you Christine for continuing to have the courage to speak the truth. So sorry about the loss of EJ. You are obviously an excellent mother, and it is so unfair what you are having to experience. But as usual, truth is on your side, and you inspire us all, to continue to speak the truth, despite the arrogance and ignorance of the media.
Submitted CommentSuzie (no last name)
 I was hoping that I could offer my condolences to Christine Maggiore. I can understand why you did not want to test your children for HIV – that would subject them to being ostracized non-stop throughout their lives, from the time they may have been in daycare throughout their school years, and so on – our society really needs a way to deal with this type of thing without it meaning isolation and being treated like poison.

Further, the way I understand it, breastfeeding offers antibodies to the baby to fight illness caused by viruses; does that not hold true for HIV as well? I breastfed my three young children and I know what a bonding experience that is. I continued to nurse them when I came down with illnesses, understanding what I just stated above about helping to fight off illness.

Now, I do not know anybody who has died of AIDS, but I am pretty sure that people who die of that disease do so slowly, much like cancer. It seems to me that Eliza's death was too sudden, thus Dr. Al-Bayati’s report seems to make sense (to me, anyway).

Christine, I am sure you will never stop grieving over your beautiful daughter – this is a parent’s worse nightmare. I hope that God gives you strength to get through this. I hope the law has mercy on you and I really hope they find your case to be true.

Submitted CommentJoel Smith, Asheville, North Carolina
 I am very disappointed with the slant of the ABC Primetime story. They seem to dismiss Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati as only a board member and author of a book. They also cited an “independent medical examiner” who agrees with the coroner without giving a name. Maybe I’m missing something but, to me, it is obvious to which side ABC slants in this issue.
Submitted CommentKevin P. Ritchie
 I have read much information in the past weeks and finally after reading Dr. Al-Bayeti’s findings I believe he is correct.
I’m not a doctor. However I’ve had these so called “HIV Antibodies” for 11 years and have received Christine’s newsletters from for over 4 years.
I support Christine’s organization and beliefs which have reaffirmed my overall feeling since contracting these antibodies, which is to stay away from HIV/AIDS medications because of their toxicities. Instead I have relied on alternative healthcare for the most part and won’t allow any doctors to inoculate me with all these vaccines related or unrelated to HIV/AIDS.
Since 1995 I have never had any HIV related syptoms or illnesses. I believe that I’m still alive because I have followed this way of life. I also believe Christine has inspired me to continue this way of life and if I ever meet the right girl…I will not allow her to be tested or given these crazy, dangerous, toxic poisons. I hope the girl that I meet is HIV antibody positive and shares my way of life and wants the same kind of healthcare for our child. I would want our child to be breast fed and not to be inoculated with all these crazy vaccines that I believe are more harmful that helpful.
In closing I would like to send my deepest and dearest condolences to Christines family and friends. And to thank you Christine for all your hard work and for inspiring me to go on the path I chose almost 11 years ago.
P.S. My CD4 cell counts have consistently been in the 600–800 range along with everything else being well within the range of what any normal person’s blood work would be.
Submitted CommentBettie Malofie, Manitoba, Canada
 I saw ABC Primetime a couple of hours ago. Christine did a good job. How very difficult this must have been. Jay Gordon seemed to me to be trying to cover his ass – “AIDS” indeed. There was not enough information given on the contents of Dr. Al-Bayati's report, but I guess to go any farther than “allergy to Amoxicillin” would tax John Sixpack’s brain.
Submitted CommentDr. M. Dennis Paul, Windsor, New Hampshire, USA
 t was obvious from day one that Eliza died as a result of an amoxicillin response. The LA Coroner has exhibited the highest degree of malfeasance and should be held accountable. The LA Times has shown the lowest standard for journalism and should be held to account as well.
Christine and Robin should never have been assaulted in this manner over the death of their beautiful child. I have given them my share of chastisement over the years (being a cantankerous “dissident” for a great many more years than they and having been one of those who helped Christine originally understand the dissident reasoning) but I love them, hope and pray their healing is progressing, and wish them peace and clear resolution in this New Year.
I also hope and pray that they are supported by all who can to fight the abuse to which they have recently been subjected. Please write to the authorities in both the City of Los Angeles and the LA Times and demand they correct their false allegations, apologize to this couple, and cease their manipulations of truth. The spirit of one child of light deserves no less.
Please donate to Alive and Well, HEAL, or any of the other many AIDS “dissident” organizations and keep the hope alive that the truth about AIDS will become known in our time.
Submitted CommentJ. Blair, Davis, California
 First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss! And, as a parent, I can’t even fathom having to endure what you have. I commend your courage in standing up for yourself, your family, and your beliefs. You’ve obviously thought carefully and thoroughly about the welfare of your children and yourself and should be applauded.
I find it utterly repugnant that the LA coroner’s office would involve politics in their treatment of a family in the wake of this tragic event. Your family is in my thoughts and I have no doubt that through Eliza’s passing, something positive will (and likely already has) result here.
Submitted CommentMadeline Grecek, Pennsylvania
 Quite simply and honestly, you are a beautiful family who lost a beautiful little girl. My heart aches for your loss, but finds strength in your fight. Never question what the heart tells the mind…Our thoughts are with you.
Submitted CommentDoug Cragoe, North Hollywood, California
 I saw most of the ABC news story and it didn’t seem fair and balanced at all – at least the segments I saw. I’m looking forward to Christine’s response to the story, and I’d like to know if she still respects the ABC producer that convinced her to be on his program. I get the feeling this was a sort of ‘ambush’ journalism like “60 Minutes” has done in the past. A lot of facts that call into question the corroner’s report were seemingly left out. The reporter cast doubt on the only medical expert mentioned in the story who didn’t support the coroner’s cause of death simply because the expert supports the alternative AIDS viewpoint. Ending the story with a call for the state to snatch healthy children from parents to force drugs on them is another sign we are losing our personal freedom and right to informed consent.
But I suppose you really can’t expect anything that questions official medicine to get a fair hearing on a TV network that depends on drug advertising. It’s unfortunate, but I think this ABC story may discourage people from looking at alternatives to using AIDS drugs.

Many years ago my first HIV test was positive. The clinic that did the test made me come in to the office to get the result and immediately tried to sell me some counseling after telling me I was positive. I decided I didn’t need to pay for that. All my HIV tests since then have been negative.

Click here for entire text of a letter by a man whose life was turned around by meeting Christine MaggioreKen Murray, Orlando, Florida
 I met Christine Maggiore approximately 2 years ago following the announcement from a girl I had been dating that she tested positive for HIV. Prior to this, I was what I have since described as a self-proclaimed AIDS Nazi…I implored my girlfriend to ignore the ‘wisdom’ of her doctor to ‘aggressively treat this condition with anti-AIDS drugs’. She, to this day, credits the fact that Christine’s book ultimately saved her life. My ex-girlfriend has since consistently tested negative to HIV ever since…According to the woman at the end of the ABC segment, those mothers who test positive for HIV and whose children who subsequently test positive should be either forced to consume dangerous chemicals (failed cancer chemotherapy drugs) or separated from their parents and then fed those dangerous toxins as wards of the state. Wake up America ... this is an important issue and you need to become educated in order to make your choice…
Comparative Analysis of the Autopsies of Destiny Jacobo and Eliza Jane ScovillDr. Mohammed Al-Bayati
 Dr. Al-Bayati has prepared a comparison of the case of Eliza Jane with Destiny Jacobo.
Coroner Ribe claimed that Destiny died in 1995 of Shaken Baby Syndrome with associated head trauma. Destiny’s parents were accused of abusing and killing their daughter and were both jailed in 1996. The mother is still in jail, the father was released in 2001.
Al-Bayati was asked to review the case by the parents and concluded that the child died of acute pancreatitis and a Vitamin K deficiency, and also had pneumonia.
Although Destiny and EJ had similar body weights for their age, Ribe said that EJ was underweight from AIDS, but called Destiny’s weight normal.
Is it a coincidence that Ribe avoids a diagnosis of pneumonia when it would exonerate the parents, but prefers such a diagnosis when it would incriminate the parents?
Submitted CommentAbdul Amir Taki, Retired Engineer
 Well done Dr. Al-Bayati. Keep up the good work.
Submitted CommentJanette Pope, Tulsa, Oklahoma
 My doctor prescribed this medicine [Amoxicillin] for me about 10 years ago and I broke out in a horrible rash (I also couldn’t breathe). I have never been allergic to any medications before and the funny thing is about a month later, one of my co-workers had an allergic reaction after going to the Doctor. Again it was the same medicine. The doctors say I am allergic to penicillin but I am not. Something is wrong with this medication!!!!!!!!!
Eliza Jane's Story on ABC PrimetimeChristine Maggiore
 Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill were contacted by ABC Primtime shortly after the LA Coroner’s report came out. However, until Dr. Al-Bayati’s report was complete, and had been thoroughly reviewed by others, they did not feel ready to talk. Now they are ready and the show, which will include opposing views, is scheduled to air on December 8th…
Interview with Christine MaggioreFintan Dunne,
 Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill were contacted by ABC Primtime shortly after the LA Coroner’s report came out. However, until Dr. Al-Bayati’s report was complete, and had been thoroughly reviewed by others, they did not feel ready to talk. Now they are ready and the show, which will include opposing views, is scheduled to air on December 8th…
Submitted QuestionNojeem Adepegba, Nigeria
 If Christine’s husband and their son tested negative recently, then what is the test result of Christine herself? I would like to know.

Response: Christine has tested positive, negative and ‘indeterminate’ at various times. She has not been tested recently on so-called HIV antibody tests or for ‘viral load’ but has stated that she would love to get funding to test every week for viral load and T-Cells.

Note that ‘indeterminate’ mean that the test results do not indicate positive or negative, but are usually interpreted as being negative.

Some people have recently accused Christine of being HIV-negative and only posing as an HIV-positive person to obtain sympathy. However, now people who dislike Christine are claiming that she really is HIV-positive and that this caused the death of her daughter by passing the virus to her!

Interview with Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati and Dr. Andrew ManiotisFintan Dunne,
 An interview with both pathologist Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati (who has just authored a report revealing that Eliza Jane Scovill died of anaphylactic reaction to a prescribed antibiotic) and Dr. Andrew Maniotis from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Supportive MessageHumberto Alves de Lima Bollini, Brazil
 Dear Christine and Family:
I have a girl about Eliza Jane’s age whom I named Amanda Cristina (Cristina in your homage, for you saved my life in 2000 when I tested positive and came to the truth about HIV-AIDS through your website). I can only imagine the pain and sorrow you must have gone through, but I really have learned there are heroes in the world, like you, your family and some very competent and courageous professionals (I have just read Dr. Al Bayati’s report).

I wish that God will bless you all and keep your Faith.

Submitted CommentGloria Lemay, Childbirth with Confidence, Vancouver, Canada
 I want you to know that people in Canada are watching this story unfold with great concern for the parents. The LA Times is fast losing any credibility as a newspaper that can cover health related issues. Many people on the website and other birth related email lists are supporting and sending you love and compassion, Christine and Robin. I am so sorry for your loss.
Submitted CommentAnne Smith, Australia
 I also am allergic to amoxicillin. The symptoms the child would have experienced are chronic itching and a rash from head to toe plus disorientation. My symptoms lasted a week and I will never forget how horrible it was. these symptoms should have been picked up by a medical doctor without the child having to explain how she felt. Amoxicillin should be investigated further.
Submitted CommentDr. Gayle Eversole, Creating Health Institute
 Amoxicillin for children is made with Aspartame! Please see Dr. Betty Martini FMI has scientific material that can substantiate this and a possible link to Eliza Jane’s death.

Amoxicillin also is made with a red dye and this dye is also in question, and as I recall, as I do legal and forensic nursing, it may be RedLake 40 which is considered unhealthy. Feingold Association may have the data for you.

Amoxicillin depletes vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12,Biotin and Inositol, K, and important gut flora - both part of the immune system in the gastro-intestinal tract.

I am so very sorry for your loss.

Submitted CommentAngelica Kassa
 I am happy to have met Christine Maggiore and it is because of her efforts in spreading the message of the other side of aids that I found the courage to have two wonderfully healthy children. Seeing her two beautiful children gave me hope. A dream of becoming a mother was taken away from me on my birth date, June 18th 2001 when my then certified practioner/Gynecologist Dr. Susanne Sudmire told me I was HIV-positive. If it were not for Alive and Well. I would have killed myself. I had no reason to live and was just waiting to begin treatment and to begin wasting away. Thank you Eliza Jane for giving me your beautiful smile and a pleasing hope of having a child. Mnilik and Tedros Kassa thank you too. I will let them know who you are when they are old enough to understand.
Submitted CommentBrian Gygi, Vienna, Austria
 Sometimes it is like beating your head against the wall. As a scientist I find the refusal of the scientific community even to exmaine the evidence of the HIV-AIDS link the most disturbing aspect. Perhaps the major media are beyond hope, but one would expect a community whose sole source of credibility is a willingness to examine empirical evidence no matter where it may lead to be more open to examinig alternative viewpoints. But keep it up and maybe someday the light may come.
Submitted CommentRobert Bolger
 Hi Christine,

First off I must say i am so sorry about your loss.

I was wondering why you chose a doctor who is already know as a “dissenter”? It seems that this would just add fuel to the fire of those that want to charge that the autopsy report that you sanctioned was biased. I follow your work and am in agreement with what you and others have to say about HIV and AIDS, I just thought it may have been better to have a Doctor who is more distanced from the whole debate do the autopsy report. Also, not that it matters, but did L.A. county or the other doctors ever do an HIV test on Eliza Jane?

Again, I wish you and Robin and your son all the best

Response: There are very few doctors with expertise in analyzing these situations. Al-Bayati is one of very few, and he's also one of the very best. There is already a very positive comment from a similar medical expert who is not a dissident.

Dr. Al-Bayati was very careful not to include any rhetoric or side issues in his report.

As for HIV tests, there was mention that one was done, but the results were not included in the coroner’s report (which is very strange). Christine and Robin are following up to obtain more information.

Submitted CommentJohn Lynch
 Its seems this family is the victim of a media frenzy for controversial, negative material to sell newspapers. My support goes out to the family in full strength. I have no doubt the truth will prevail.
Submitted CommentWayne Scott, Chicago
  would like to thank Eliza’s parents for sharing her story. Everyone’s hard work and research to find the scientific truth behind this story is greatly appreciated.
Submitted CommentLeffry Portis
 Thank you so much Dr. Al-Bayati. Like the Scovill family, I too, believed that the LA Coroner’s report was faulty. It reeked of bias. Your thoroughness in this matter will no doubt cause others to continually question things when necessary. Please keep up the good work.
Submitted CommentQevin Oji, California
 The truth is marching on.
A newspaper’s mistake adds to a mother’s griefSascha Sarnoff, Santa Barbara, California
 A new independent pathology report confirms that Christine Maggiores’s three year old daughter did not die from an AIDS related disease as reported in the LA Times Sept. 24, but from an allergic reaction to an antibiotic.

By accusing Ms. Maggiore of being in denial of some health condition that the LA Times reporter imagined her daughter to be suffering from and publishing prematurely and without all the facts, The LA Times is responsible for causing additional pain and suffering to a family overcome with grief. The LA Times owes an apology to the Maggiore-Scovill’s for their part in a modern day witch hunt. Let’s hope that an error of this magnitude never happens again on the LA Times’ watch.

Radio interview with Al-BayatiH.H. Hehpsehboah, Eye on the Future Radio
 >Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Bayati has been a much appreciated guest on Eye on the Future Radio in the past, bringing to light his analysis and conclusions resulting from differential diagnoses on shaken baby syndrome cases and his research into AIDS. His report “Analysis of Causes that Led to Eliza Jane Scovill’s Cardiac Arrest and Death” once again demonstrates his unbiased, detailed investigation and scientifically supported analysis. I find Dr. Al-Bayati to be a man of the highest integrity, who objectively examines and presents facts and evidence. For those who have been falsely accused, his work is invaluable. He brings hope to the ones who feel hopeless.

Dr. Al-Bayati will be a guest on Eye on the Future Radio on Sunday December 4th from 8–10 PM Pacific time and will be discussing his report on Eliza Jane Scovill. I am extending an invitation to Christine Maggiore to join Dr. Al-Bayati on the show.

A special page with Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati’s report on Eliza Jane’s death, and a report on Deputy Medical Examiner James RibeDavid Crowe, Calgary, Canada
 Al-Bayati’s report concludes that Eliza Jane died from an allergic reaction to amoxicillin (penicillin) and that the LA coroner was wrong. This page also links to a lawyer’s report on other questionable conclusions of Deputy LA County Medical Examiner James Ribe and includes comments on the report from Dr. Harold Buttram and Dr. Andrew Maniotis.
Eliza Jane Scovill - Another Tragic Case Comes to Public AttentionPeter Chowka Natural Health Line
 “…In the late 1970s, I began reporting on a series of stories – several of them having gained attention in the national mainstream media – that involved loving and conscientious parents who wanted their sick kids to have access to alternative, innovative, or natural therapies – and to avoid toxic, and often unproven, standard conventional treatments.…”

Alternate URL for use when this is no longer the headline story at Natural Health Line.

Response to Peter ChowkaChristine Maggiore
 Hi Peter,

Although I promised myself I would not read what others are saying about me (all those uninformed, angry, judgmental, over-steppers-of-any-authority-they-might-actually-have others), I did log on to your web site and read your article about me and my family.

Thank you for your open and sharp mind, your understanding of the larger issues, your eloquence in expressing them, and for taking the time to put your thoughts on our situation in such a kind and intelligent article. It’s a dark and difficult time and the light your words shine is greatly appreciated.

We are a week or so away from the final version of the independent pathology report on my daughter’s autopsy. I cannot make any comment on record until our attorney signs off and we decide on our strategy, but I do want to assure you that things are not as they seem and the story is far from over. I'd like to think that the media will give equal coverage to the findings and that once the facts are known, all the hypercritical experts and uninformed opinion spouters will deal gracefully with what could prove a hard landing from their big, bold jump to conclusions.

First Words on Eliza Jane: Christine Speaks to KPFK Radio [MP3 audio file]Christine Maggiore and KPFK Radio
 Christine Maggiore speaks publically for the first time since the Los Angeles Time's condemnatory September 24 article, “A Mother's Denial, A Daughter's Death.” While on air, Maggiore discovers the questionable reputation of LA County Coroner Dr James K Ribe and begins piecing together the inappropriate working relationship between the coroner's office and the LA Times.
Does a Mother’s Denial = a Daughter’s Death?Nick Gillespie
 “…Given the way the [LA] Times’ story is framed, you would have thought that [the lack of evidence for pneumonia would] be one of the first things the paper reported. Maggiore is apparently pursuing an independent pathology report, which should at least settle that very basic question. And, depending on the results, may create more interest in the debate over whether HIV causes AIDS…”
Full Letter (too long for the LA Times)Christine Maggiore
 “A Mother’s Denial,” your article on the death of my daughter, Eliza Jane Scovill, breezed past a number of crucial facts in its rush to publication and judgment.

Medical records show my daughter did not exhibit symptoms consistent with the coroner’s determination of pneumonia, AIDS-related or otherwise. The three pediatricians who examined Eliza Jane in the days before her death all noted clear lungs. At a doctor visit on May 14, the day before she died, no cough or respiratory congestion was evident. When my daughter collapsed at home the next evening following her fourth dose of antibiotic, she did not have the blue lips or fingertips suggestive of life-threatening pneumonia.

After being transported to a near-by hospital by ambulance, emergency room doctors took a series of chest X-rays that revealed nothing to account for her dire condition. All other tests run that terrible night left ER doctors without an explanation for my daughter’s death. For this reason, Eliza Jane was brought to the Los Angeles County Coroner for an autopsy.

During an autopsy performed on May 18, my daughter’s lungs were carefully examined, weighed and measured. The coroner released her body to a mortuary the following day having found no apparent cause of death.

Just before Eliza Jane’s memorial service on May 29, my husband contacted the coroner’s office for an update on our daughter’s case and spoke directly with the medical examiner. She informed him they had yet to discover what took our little girl’s life, and having eliminated the common and obvious, they would now go through a check-list that included investigation of such unsettling possibilities as chemical toxins and poisons. That same week, a curious friend phoned the coroner’s office and asked if HIV tests were routinely administered in cases of unexplained death. He was told that “the symptoms of AIDS are so obvious” it’s not necessary to run HIV tests on all patients referred with no apparent cause.

On June 28, one of my daughter’s pediatricians received a call from the coroner’s office demanding to know if he was aware of my book and HIV status. Before hanging up, the doctor was threatened with a subpoena. Despite the apparent new awareness of my HIV positivity and controversial book, it still took three more months for the corner to decide upon a diagnosis of AIDS-related pneumonia.

Given the circumstances, we have questions about the medical and scientific basis for the coroner’s conclusion. Did Eliza Jane get a diagnosis by association or is there incontrovertible clinical evidence for AIDS-related pneumonia? Did our daughter, unlike her father and brother, actually test HIV positive? We won’t know until the conclusion of an independent investigation in three weeks. In the meantime, my family must not only endure the pain and devastation of our horrendous loss, but the world’s speculation and scrutiny. We only hope that when all the facts are in, the LA Times will rush to publish the rest of our story.

Shortened LetterChristine Maggiore
 Re: ’A Mother’s Denial“ (Saturday September 24)

In response to your article “A Mother’s Denial,“ medical records show my daughter did not exhibit symptoms consistent with pneumonia. On her last doctor visit, Eliza-Jane had no cough or respiratory congestion. After collapsing the next day following antibiotic administration, ER doctors performed a series of chest X-rays that revealed nothing. After careful examination of her lungs during a May autopsy, the coroner found no apparent cause of death.

One month and no cause later, the coroner’s office called her pediatrician demanding to know if he knew about my book and HIV status. Despite their discovery, it took three more months for the coroner to decide my daughter died of AIDS-pneumonia.

Is Eliza-Jane’s a diagnosis by association? Unlike her father and brother, did she actually test HIV positive? While we wait for the conclusion of an independent investigation, interested readers may follow our side of the story at

What Really Happened to Eliza Jane?Christine Maggiore
 On Saturday September 24, 2005, The Los Angeles Times ran a front-page story on the death of my three year-old child, Eliza Jane Scovill, under the condemnatory headline, “A Mother’s Denial, A Daughter’s Death.” My reply to the extensive article, as yet unpublished, was restricted to a 150-word letter to the editor.

Below please find my 149 words on the subject followed by the full text of my original letter to The LA Times.

Letter to Dr. MagnusDr. Todd Miller, University of Miami
 Dear Dr. Magnus,

Although I’ve not had the pleasure of reading your book, based on your comments to the LA Times regarding the tragedy experienced in the Maggiore family, I can presume that parents do not own the life of their children and presumably the government does. Please remember that thousands of scientists and doctors do not believe the evidence that “hiv” causes “aids” is strong enough to make policy decisions. As a biochemist and molecular biologist, I happen to be one of them.

I hope the LA Times contacts you again for comments after the inquiry into the coroner’s report. Surely, you have comments on the ethics of erroneous conclusions in coroner’s reports as well, and at this point, all comments regarding the Maggiore’s behavior are made without the benefit of an impartial inquiry, and couched within the fanaticism that has surrounded “hiv/aids” for 2 decades.

Son to Remain with HIV SkepticsLA Times
 “…After reviewing recent test results from three labs showing that the boy is HIV-negative, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is expecting to close its child endangerment investigation, officials said Wednesday.…”
Published Letter in The Guardian Newspaper (London, England)Dr. Kevin Corbett, Dept. of Health Sciences, University of York
 There are worrying inaccuracies in your report of the HIV/Aids reappraiser Christine Maggiore (Mother who denied Aids link faces police investigation after death of daughter, September 26).

First, it’s a matter of public record that Maggiore’s HIV test result varied drastically from “positive” to “negative” to “indeterminate”. You only report that she was diagnosed positive. This conceals the fact that HIV antibody tests, as acknowledged by their manufacturers, give positive readings for reasons other than HIV infection (like a prior pregnancy or blood transfusion). Second, Maggiore’s daughter was never diagnosed with Aids so couldn’t have died from Aids-related pneumonia.

The anti-sceptic tone of your report asserts that lay questioning of powerful scientific orthodoxies is harmful and that toxic antiretroviral drugs (such as AZT or Nevirapine) should be the only choice for pregnant women who test positive in “HIV” antibody tests. For many people facing difficult health choices in a pharmaceutically driven environment that is a scandalous message to propagate.

Letter to the LA TimesMira de Vries, Association for Medical and Therapeutic Self-Determination, The Netherlands
 Times’ Staff Writers Charles Ornstein and Daniel Costello are jumping the gun when they suggest that 3-1/2-year-old Eliza Jane Scovill would not have died if she had been on antiretroviral drugs. The child’s HIV status isn’t known. What we do know is that antiretroviral drugs are responsible for disfiguring, devastating, and often deadly side effects in adults as well as children
Letter to the LA TimesDr. Harvey Bialy, Resident Scholar, Inst. of Biotechnology, Autonomous National University of Mexico Dr. Peter Duesberg, University of California at Berkeley
 This is in response to the story you published yesterday regarding the death of the daughter of Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill.

In order to have a diagnosis of ‘aids related pneumonia’, two conditions must be met. The patient must be HIV antibody positive, and there must be a clinical pneumonia. Whether Eliza Jane was in fact antibody-positive is information that neither the LA Times nor the coroner’s office has as yet made public. However, according to all reports it is acknowledged the child suffered none of the textbook symptoms of pneumonia, and had previously been in excellent health for several years. Thus the crucial second condition appears completely unsatisfied. (A post mortem finding of PCP in the lungs means nothing since it is 100% ubiquitous in human beings). Thus we are left to ponder the only significant fact, and it is one of omission, in your story. On what basis did the coroner conclude the child died of ‘AIDS related pneumonia’?

After more than 20 years of attempting to get straight answers about HIV/AIDS from so-called authorities, I am less than sanguine that this latest, simple query will be satisfactorily answered.

Letter to the LA TimesRev. Dr. Michael Ellner, President, HEAL New York
 Over the last twenty-two years I have had personal contact with thousands of people who have been diagnosed with AIDS-related pneumonia. Congested lungs and fevers are symptomatic of pneumonia. Eliza Jane’s lungs were clear and she didn’t have a fever according to the three doctors who diagnosed her with an ear infection. Based on this information one wonders how the Los Angeles County coroner came up with AIDS-related pneumonia as the cause of death.

You don't need to be a doctor, scientist or medical examiner to realize that Eliza Jane was more likely the victim of a severe adverse reaction to amoxicillin rather than the victim of HIV.

Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill made decisions based on the recommendation of their doctors as any responsible caring parents would. They have suffered enough pain over the loss of their child without being second guessed by authorities.

Furthermore there is not one study showing that a baby is at risk for an active infection as a result of breastfeeding. In addition to being the perfect food for babies, breast milk is nature’s way of passing on a mother’s immunity to her children via the antibodies that are present in her breast milk.

I find it alarming that Ornstein and Costello reported that “mainstream AIDS organizations, medical experts and ethicists are confounded and distressed by those who question HIV-AIDS” and that you neglected to report that these same organizations and experts stand to lose everything if the HIV-AIDS mythologies are scrutinized.

It is contemptible that the AIDS establishment is using this tragic death to discredit anyone and everyone who challenge the conventional, politically correct views on HIV/AIDS.

Letter to the LA TimesSascha Sarnoff, Health Advocacy in the Public Interest, Santa Barbara, California
 Thank you for covering this very sad and important story despite a misleading tabloid title, which was not in step with the balanced writing of article.

As a longtime friend of the Maggiore/Scovill family, and I have been fortunate to watch them lovingly and wisely raise their two healthy children, Charlie and Eliza Jane (EJ). As this case unfolds I feel that additional information is needed to help LA Times readers understand the case more fully and set the record straight on numerous key points, including several inaccuracies found in the 8-page cover story about the tragic death of Eliza Jane Scovill.

It is true, as stated in the Times article, that the child died within hours after being prescribed, and ingesting, amoxicillin. It is grossly irresponsible to say, as Dr. James Oleske said in his interview in the Times article, that “This was a preventable death.” A simple Library of Medicine review of the words “amoxicillin, anaphylaxis, symptoms” retrieves a list of adverse reactions to amoxicillin including, vomiting, and sudden death, which were exactly the symptoms, according to the coroner’s office, and the L.A. Times Press release, that Eliza Jane developed hours after taking the drug. Having never examined Eliza Jane, does Dr. Oleske think that he indeed could have prevented an amoxicillin-induced anaphylactic reaction (if she had been properly evaluated)? Antibiotic adverse reactions do happen, causing serious injury or death, this is a fact.

It is also true as the article states that flu shots, mandatory hepatitis B vaccinations, other recent vaccinations, pregnancy, and common viral infections could all lead to a false-positive test result. In fact, by doing a comprehensive search one finds over 70 reasons other than an “HIV” infection for a false positive test result, and 46 known disease syndromes that can affect test results. Conditions like warts, malaria, long-term drug and alcohol use, receipt of gamma globulin, blood transfusions, leprosy, tuberculosis, bacterial and fungal infections, autoimmune diseases, kidney failure, alpha interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients, various cancers, herpes, non-specific upper respiratory tract infection, various anemias, hepatitis B, tetanus, hypergammaglobulinemia, rheumatoid arthritis, vaccinations, and many other conditions and or treatments. Many of these can be found on “HIV” test kit inserts, and on the CDC’s HIV/AIDS websites.

Although the LA Times reports “Federal officials say that HIV tests detect antibodies to the virus and are accurate predictors of who is infected,” many of the test-kits themselves contradict that very statement. “ELISA testing alone cannot be used to diagnose AIDS.” (Abbott Laboratory’s ELISA test kit insert, 1997). “Do not use this kit as the sole basis for HIV infection.” (Epitope, a maker for one of the Western Blot kits, 1997), and Ê“The Amplicor HIV-1 monitor test is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV, nor as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection.” (Roche Amplicor test kit insert, 1996).

Dr. Peter Havens, a professor of pediatrics and epidemiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, was quoted by the LA Times article that: “contrairian HIV theories promoted on about 400 websites are bogus baloney,” and that, “It’s all pseudoscience,” and that, “They choose one paper and deny the existence of 100 others.” One could ask the dogmatic Professor of Pediatrics whether he believes that The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, the journal AIDS, and The Journal of Virology advance “bogus baloney,” “pseudoscience,” or “contrarian views”, or publish “selected papers”. Or should we take serious, articles in these journals that describe, for example, the extreme toxicity of AZT and the protease inhibitors, and the rapid advance to death that infants exhibit when their mothers are given these toxic, failed cancer chemotherapeutic compounds.

In the days following EJ’s passing, we need a growing willingness to listen to unfamiliar information and ponder new points of view to better protect the health of our tiniest citizens from medical error and misdiagnosis.

Letter to the LA TimesPaul Lineback, Grant’s Pass, Oregon
 The LA Times article, “A Mother’s Denial, a Daughter’s Death” (9/24/05) skips this vital question: How did the coroner determine Eliza Jane had AIDS? It’s crucial because dissenting scientists have meticulously shown assumptions underlying HIV tests to be false. Instead of confronting the issue, however, the authors quote labels like “pseudo science” that attack dissenter credibility. Such labels are ironic when compared to circumventions of science employed by HIV researchers that include science-by-press-release, avoiding debate, and suppressing dissent. These acts seem intended to conceal the tautologies that generate objectionable proof of HIV, and hide discrepancies to the hypothesis.

Concerns about the negative potential of science prompted Karl Popper to devise a mechanism called ‘falsification’ to prevent science misuse: Unless a hypothesis is made vulnerable to the evidence against it, the hypothesis is not scientific but ideological. In contrast to this principle the HIV hypothesis has been protected from falsification.

The dysfunctional development of AIDS science and the cogent criticisms of HIV exist, and skepticism will continue as long as falsification is evaded. Science is not merely about seeking confirming evidence. Some ethicists and policy bureaucrats are apparently blinded to this, but it points towards an ethical priority of informed consent.

Letter to the LA TimesChristine Johnston, Pasadena, California Michael Wright, Norman, Oklahoma
 Christine Maggiore is being condemned for not treating her daughter Eliza Jane for HIV. Yet one wonders how the coroner was able to make a determination of “AIDS-related pneumonia.” No pediatricians had diagnosed pneumonia or noted its symptoms in the girl. Eliza Jane had never been tested, and the scientific literature supports the conclusion that post-mortem blood testing for HIV is not reliable and likely to yield false-positive results.

Maggiore’s HIV-infected status is questionable as well. According to the article, AIDS experts state: “HIV tests are accurate predictors of who is infected.” Yet the package inserts of all HIV antibody test kits plainly state that “there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence and absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood.” Our search of the scientific literature identified over 70 diseases and conditions documented to cause false positive results.

A review of the Physicians’ Desk Reference suggests that adverse effects of the drug amoxicillin were the true cause of the child's death. Vomiting and gastrointestinal disorders are reported in the list of side effects. She was vomiting the day after being given the drug, and died the next day.

Mother who denied AIDS link faces police investigation after death of daughterThe Guardian newspaper, London, UK
 The London, England based newspaper The Guardian was next to take up the story“…Christine Maggiore, the child’s HIV-positive mother, denies HIV leads to Aids and refused to take antiviral drugs during pregnancy. She breastfed her daughter, Eliza Jane, and refused to have her tested for the virus…”
To Our Friends and ColleaguesDavid Crowe
 As many of you may be aware, Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill’s three and a half year old daughter, Eliza Jane, died in May of unknown causes. Last week, after four months of deliberation, the LA County Coroner released a report in which they claim that Eliza Jane died of AIDS related pneumonia. An article that appeared Saturday in the Los Angeles Times carrying this news is apparently being picked up by media across the country and around the world.

Robin and Christine have serious concerns and questions about the coroner’s conclusion and have hired an independent pathologist to review the autopsy in detail. The autopsy report is also missing crucial data which their attorney requested on Friday September 23. As of today, the coroner has not responded to their attorney’s request.

Although Christine shared these concerns and other critical information with reporter Dan Costello, the LA Times elected to omit many facts from their article. They also refused to wait for the missing data from the autopsy report or for the results of an independent inquiry before going to press. Additionally, the Times failed to mention that in addition to their son Charlie’s negative HIV status, Robin also tests HIV negative after nine years together with Christine.

Robin and Christine are devastated by the sudden death of Eliza Jane, deeply concerned about several aspects of the coroner’s report, and troubled by the Times’ decision to run the story before all the facts are in.

They will have the results of an independent inquiry in two to three weeks and look forward to sharing what it reveals with you and any media interested in following this story.

As Christine said to the LA Times, she has been brought to her emotional knees by the death of her beautiful daughter but continues to stand solidly on the science and medical data that has informed her and Robin’s decisions.

Robin and Christine appreciate everyone’s concern and believe practical action such as fund raising for legal and PR fees may well be necessary in the near future. At that point, we will need your help and support.

In the meantime, the best thing to do is to think about what you might do to help, but please wait until enough information is in before taking any overt action. It is also very important to avoid spreading rumors. Feel free to let people know that there is a dispute over the coroner’s conclusion, but it is too early to be more specific. If you want to write to the LA Times about the article, please use polite and professional language, fact check any points you wish to raise and be as concise as possible.

We hope that more details on their situation will be available soon.

Letter to the LA TimesTom DiFernando, Executive Director, HEAL NYC
 The LA Times article concerning the death of HIV dissident Christine Maggiore’s daughter is not only rife with heartless innuendo - as reflected in the title “A Mother’s Denial, a Daughter’s Death” - it reorganizes the facts to reinforce a preconceived and finger-shaking scenario: that because of Maggiore’s HIV+ status and her conviction that HIV does not cause AIDS, her child must have died due to an untested and untreated HIV; that it was foolish of her to employ unconventional doctors and alternative medical treatments when allegedly “life-saving” AIDS drugs were available; and that those involved in her case acted unethically because, as ethicist Shapiro is quoted as saying: “If you look away from something you’re supposed to be looking for, that’s called willful blindness. one aspect of determining negligence”. However, a re-ordering of the facts to fit the actual reality of the case not only makes the “something you’re supposed to be looking for” something quite different to see, it also resolves the seeming contradictions regarding the family’s outstanding child-rearing profile.

First, concomitant with the “dissident” view that says HIV is not the cause of AIDS is the view - often stated in the same dissident breath - that modern pharmaceutical chemicals are immune suppressant, cause serious injury to the vital organs and, oft times, fatally assault the entire vital apparatus itself.

With this fact in mind, the article itself points to - but then just as quickly points away from - the “something you’re supposed to be looking for”: within roughly twenty four hours of being given her first-ever antibiotic (and, the article neglected to mention, first-ever Tylenol), 3-year-old Eliza Jane collapsed with respiratory failure and died. Was this a sudden HIV attack?

Let’s be honest here. It seems banal to say, but death is a serious event; it does not happen suddenly without a significant neurogenic or cardiopulmonary assault and, when it comes to this sort of shock let’s face it, nothing competes with medicine. So why do the editor of the LA Times, the LA County coroner, the Dept of Child and Family Services, Ms. Lampe at the CDC, the cited AIDS physicians, all the Public Health officials, and on and on, all ignore the fact that Eliza Jane, a child who had never had a pharmaceutical chemical in her little 3-year-old body; a child who the Times interviewer described only two months earlier as “a healthy-looking girl”; a child whose mother “seemed, if anything, an exceptionally devoted mother”; a child whose parents were reported by the DCFS’ caseworker as appearing “appropriate and extremely focused on the child’s well-being in every aspect”; a child about whom Dr. Gordon even a couple of weeks earlier did not feel was in any life-threatening danger; a child whose death caused Dr. Fleiss to respond by saying “I don’t understand it. I’ve never seen her sick or with anything resembling what she supposedly died of”; a child whose parents about whom it was said by law professor and child abuse expert Lyon, the DCFS is “just not accustomed to the kind of neglect where you have an otherwise healthy, good parent”; and, most of all, a child about whom, after quoting Maggiore as saying “our children have excellent records of health” and “our choices, however radical they may seem, are extremely well-founded”, the Times glibly stated with self-serving and unjustified irony “seven weeks later, Eliza Jane was dead”; with all these seeming contradictions in mind, why is the fact ignored that within about twenty four hours of taking her first-ever round of Tylenol and antibiotics, Eliza Jane suddenly collapsed and died?

Instead of all the head-shaking presumption and gratuitous irony, how about the Times exercise a little common sense, since obviously nobody else wants to. How about an honest investigation into the extremely likely possibility that there was no HIV shock here; that there was in fact a pharmaceutical shock - exactly the danger that the so-called dissidents are warning people about, and which we will continue to warn people about no matter how long the Times or any other publicly responsible body goes on ignoring it.

Most “dissidents” will indeed agree with Dr. James Oleske that, “this was a preventable death”. However, it’s just so much LESS disturbing to, as Dr. Oleske does, blame a “mysterious virus” or, better yet, blame a highly responsible, deeply loving, unusually well-informed pair of parents who, in the end, appear to have gotten bit by the very menace they’ve devoted their lives to exposing - not the fake “HIV” menace, but the very real public modern medical menace. see: (If above is restricted, see:

Who now for over twenty years has been guilty of willful blindness and therefore negligence?

Posting on AIDSsocSara
 There are approximately half a million cases of pneumonia in the US each year and approximately 40,000 deaths, mostly among the young and the elderly. There is no reason to believe that this little girl’s death had anything to do with HIV or AIDS.
This is one of the common scare tactics used by the AIDS establishment to get people to toe the line – show that people who don’t use AIDS drugs can get get sick and die. Of course they can, everyone gets sick and we are ALL going to die. Where is the double blind study of death rates among the HIV+ who refuse AIDS drugs versus the HIV+ who take the drugs? My personal experience is that the latter group is the most high risk group in the world.
Posting on AIDSsocKAB
 I am still in shock that they would use something as personal and difficult as a death of a child to try to drive the AID$ bus forward (although I should not be surprised; they seem to stop at nothing) Christine needs us as never before. I wonder what the best way to support her at this time would be. Any good ideas out there? The article seemed to insiuate that as the word gets out about this there will be some fallout.

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